When people get old and forgetful

Some hilarious thing happened when I was out. My dad called me in the evening 5pm.

Dad: Rachel, where are you now? Are you coming back soon?
Me: Not yet. I’m in town.
Dad: Aiya cos I forgot to bring my keys and I da-bao dinner. Now I have no place to eat.
Me: Huh? Then you eat downstairs and wait for Mummy to come home lor. Or go to the kopitiam order 1 coffee and eat there.
Dad: Aiya a bit paiseh lah. But no choice lah. Ok lah. Bye.

And while having dinner at Vivo around 6ish, my mum called.

Mum: Where are you? Can you come back now?
Me: I’m at Vivo having dinner. Why?
Mum: Aiya I forgot to bring my keys, know???
Me: HUH?? Why you and daddy both forget your keys? Then how??
Mum: Then you come back now can or not?
Me: Can’t leh. Now eating dinner and got a movie later. Sis also not home. Never mind. I help you call her see where she is.

So I called my sister.

Me: Jie, where are you? You know what or not? Daddy just now called me said he forgot his keys then I asked him wait for Mummy to come home but hor mummy also forget to bring her keys!
Sis: HUHHHHH?????? How come both of them forget together?
Me: Old liao lah! You going home soon?
Sis: Not yet. I’m in town. Where you?
Me: At vivo for dinner leh.
Sis: Tell mummy to go aunt’s place first? Ok never mind. I call her.

And my dinner resumed. But I was worried so I called my mum after 5 minutes.

Me: So how? You going aunt’s place first?
Mum: No lah. You cannot come home now is it?
Me: Can’t.
Mum: I cannot believe it, know? How come I forget to bring my keys ah?
Me: Haiz. You always like that one. You go aunt’s place first lah! Then after sis is done she go fetch you all.
Mum: Ok lah. See how.

And that’s the end of the funny story.


And so I just found out that my mum and dad didn’t go my aunt’s place that day. They just waited downstairs and walked around at the CC opposite my place till my sister got home at 9ish at night. If we weren’t catching a movie that night, we would have gotten home right after dinner. But we spent 22 bucks on the 3D tickets and thought it was quite risky to rush back home and rush back again. Taking cab to and fro would cost a bomb. Taking a bus to and fro would take 3 hours or so. Calling my sister was the best idea since she would be back earlier than me.

Oh well.


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