It’s USS again, baby!

This time I went with BFF, Kaixin!

She took half day leave on Friday to hang out =) and very nicely came to pick me up from my place.

If only I could drive. Lol. Been procrastinating learning for a long time.

We went to Vivo for lunch. That’s 2 days in a row I’m at Vivo. And then we decided to have lunch at Thai Express. Yums!

Kaixin’s beef noodles and my tom yum hor fun!

I swear that the hor fun is the best ever! Even Kaixin thought so. She took a mouth of my hor fun and lost interest in her beef noodles. Haha next time, order this!

It was fun chatting over lunch. She told me her wedding stuff and I told her about the funny story of how my mum and dad both forgot their keys.

We didn’t wanna waste time after lunch so we went directly to USS. We saw Charlie Chaplin.

Suddenly I feel these photos would look better in black and white.

And we walked on. Walking was boring. I wanted to take the rides! But bad news was that very morning Kaixin told me that the battlestar rides were stopped for checks. And she showed me the news. BOO! Am I so not fated to ride it?

So we went for the mummy ride instead. Kaixin was screaming her lungs out all the way. Lol! I actually enjoyed it even more the second time I rode it. Fun!

Next up, we went to queue for Rapids Adventure.

Another no-fate ride lor! The last time I took this ride, there was a technical difficulty. This time round, we were already halfway through the queue when they announced the ride would be suspended due to climate issues. And it wasn’t even raining! Just slight drizzles I supposed. But nothing harmful.

They welcomed us to stay in line, so we did. A lot of others left the queue so we got much nearer. Thinking that the ride will resume very soon, we just waited. And then they announced again there was a technical difficulty and needed to run some checks. -_-

What luck.

No fate with Battlestar Galactica and Rapids Adventure sia! See the waters? Still calm. No rain at all.

Us waiting in line. It was almost our turn! Damn sian when they announced the ride would be closed.

We walked on to Far Far Away.

Was hoping to see Shrek and Fiona again but didn’t managed to. We went for the 4D Shrek Adventure. My 3rd time taking it and it still thrills me. Lol.

Poor Pinocchio and 3 little pigs.

Kaixin seemed to enjoy the 4D show very much. She was laughing like a kid throughout. Haha. Just like my first time taking it.

Next, Canopy Flyer.

Look at the queue and the non-smoking sign. Quite funny isn’t it? It’s like no smoking for dinosaurs. Haha.

I took the back seats while Kaixin took the front. Indeed, as what Ace mentioned, the back seats were more exciting because you couldn’t see the tracks and had no idea when there will be a plunge or a turn.

It was almost closing. Kaixin and I went to try our luck at Rapids Adventure again! The queue was much longer than previously but we just queued. And we were glad we did get onto the ride.

Nice staff helped us take a photo. And that’s both of us after the ride.

As you can see, Kaixin looked like she took a bath and I just washed my hair. And we were wet on our backs cos we both bent down when the boat plunged into the waters. The water splashed on our backs instead. LOL! She was wetter than I was cos she was sitting at the side and I was in the middle. So she was splashed at full force. Lol.

I actually texted her the previous night to bring a top to change, in case. She didn’t see the message cos she rushed out the next morning. When I asked her, she told me “never mind, my top very thin. Very easy to dry.”


By the time we ended the ride, the rest of the rides stopped already. So we just walked around in the souvenir shops inside. So expensive! So tourist-priced.

We went to Vivo for dinner.

We had cha-shu ramen, volcano ramen, nankotsu ramen and seafood okos.

Thank Kaixin for reminding us if we had ajisen membership. Also thank her for the treat and ride home =)

Next time, more thai food and ma la steamboat ok?


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