Happy is me!

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I get to save so much on shopping lately because I received lots of hand-me-downs. Happy is that most of them are still brand new! I can finally take a break from online shopping. It’s damaging.

Lately, there’s been a crazy sale at My Red House. Cosmetics and brushes were selling at 1 buck each! ONE DOLLAR! You didn’t see wrongly. I was just glad I didn’t choose to ignore the email they sent to notify me of this sale. So happy that I tan tio lor! I just bought like nobody’s business. It’s as if I’m giving my cosmetics a revamp or aiming to be a free lance make up artist.

Pretty packaging and definitely wrapped nicely and safely.

I unwrapped everything and managed to squeeze them all (including some loose ones) into the box together for easier storage.

Here’s a sneak at some of the items I bought. Face, eyes, lips, cheeks. Everything! How can you resist when their items were selling at $1 each, a heavy discount from their usual price of $24?

And their lipsticks are the best ever! So moisturizing and smooth to apply. I haven’t tried the other products yet though so I hope they won’t disappoint. 🙂

Next up, food pictures!

I need a Din Tai Feng VIP card! Is there one??

I love love love their fried rice with prawns and xiao long baos. HOW AH!? Craving for them now.

Pork cutlet fried rice.

My favourite of DTF. Xiao Long Bao! Best consumed with lots of vinegar. I don’t take it with the ginger slices though.

Prawn dumplings. It’s like xiao long bao with prawns.

And then I cooked one of these days.

Cooking can be really fun and satisfying. Especially when your family finishes everything. But cleaning up can be tiring. You have to clean the stove, mop the floor, tidy the woks and pans, wipe the table, set the table blah blah blah.

First dish: assorted mushrooms.

My sister and I absolutely love mushrooms! There’s shitake, white button, shimeji and enoki mushrooms! All in 1 dish.

This is officially my favourite tofu dish. It’s kinda boring to eat tofus in soups or just simply the hot-plate kinds. It consists of fried tofu topped with minced meat with diced shitake mushrooms and cai por. The crunchiness and saltiness from the cai por makes this dish extremely addictive.

Plus a healthy meat ball and canned cai xin soup. Fulfilling and satisfying dinner. 🙂

Alright. Back to my books. Got a paper at the end of the month and then it’s freedom!


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