Mummy’s unforgettable birthday

It was Mummy’s birthday on the 14th.

Sister and I brought Mummy for dinner at Jurong area. Sister said the crabs there are good and a lot of friends recommended that place.

The dinner came up to slightly over a hundred bucks. Worth it? Read on.

The waitress recommended a few of their popular dishes.

This is spinach with some sort of mushrooms that looked like abalone somehow. But it was better than abalone since I never really fancied abalone.

Fried prawn and fish paste. Really nice. Especially with the mayonnaise. Never go wrong to add mayonnaise with deep fried items.

This was some chicken which they claimed is kampong chicken but the meat didn’t taste like kampong chicken’s Q-ness. Slightly disappointed at this dish. But the sauce was good though. Chicken overcooked.

And the famous chilli crabs! Gosh this was so much better than the ones I ate at JB. The chilli gravy was thick and tasty. Best to dip the fried buns in or simple pour it over the rice. And the crabs were so fresh I swear this is the first time I have eaten such tangy crab meat.

For the price we paid, I was actually quite satisfied because the crabs just won us over. I would rather pay more for better quality of crabs than travel all the way to JB for cheap ones but not satisfying.

Mummy seemed to like the food too. So I guess that’s what’s most important. The birthday girl was happy. 🙂

Ok and what made her birthday this year so unforgettable?

The whole family got locked out.

Not too long ago, she and dad both forgot their keys and both me and my sister weren’t anywhere near home. So my parents waited till my sister got home and opened the door for them.

This time, all of us didn’t bring our keys.

Well, it started with me being the ultimate klutz. My sister and I were leaving home to meet mum downstairs so that we could go for dinner together. And my sister asked me TWICE if I brought my keys. I answered her TWICE that I had it with me.

Ok the thing is, I did take my keys. As in I was holding onto it at some point and I was also doing something else simultaneously. I could have left my keys somewhere and thought I left it in my bag. That’s why I was so affirmed that I had the keys with me. That’s also why my sister thought she didn’t need to bring her keys along since I had it.

My sister opened the gate with the spare keys at home and hung it back in place before we left.

While on the car, my mum said, “I never bring my keys again!”

My sister replied, “Never mind. Rachel has it.”

And that was when I decided to really check for my keys in my bag to make sure it’s really there.

Nice job, Rachel. The keys weren’t in my bag. *bangs head*

“EH! Shit I didn’t bring also! I thought I put it in my bag already! Never mind. Call Daddy. He should be back by the time dinner ends.”

The funniest thing was my dad forgot his keys as well. Seriously, what are the odds!?

My mum got pretty mad and started blaming everyone but herself. And I got really mad at myself for being careless and also feeling really pissed that my mum pushed the blame to me totally.

I got so angry that I cried. The next thing I did was search online for the nearest locksmith.

My mum saw me crying and toned down for a bit. She then changed her words and made it sound like it wasn’t my fault and I shouldn’t be fully responsible. She then consoled me by saying we could call a locksmith later after dinner.

Funny right!? This just shows how reliable we are towards one another. Thinking that at least one of us has the keys but end up no one got it.

My fault for not checking before leaving the house. And I resolved it by calling and paying for the locksmith.

Excuse the awful green door. My mum ain’t exactly good with her colour sense. -_-

Just thank our laziness we didn’t lock the wooden door. But then again, if we did managed to lock the wooden door, that means we MUST have the keys with us. Well, unless I lost my keys.

It took the locksmith less than 5 minutes to open the gate. 60 bucks gone for that 5 minutes. We started to joke about teaching Casper to learn how to fetch the keys for us in future. If not, we should really consider changing the lock to a fingerprint sensor.


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