I really must have forgotten about my blog

The reason why I hardly blog these days is because I know that my posts are really limited and I didn’t wanna blog without any pictures to bore anyone (and myself). That doesn’t mean I haven’t been going out and taking pictures and stuff. I have just been lazy ever since exams ended.

Talking about exams, the paper was… well… I just hope I can pass. If not, say goodbye to convocation 2010. Bah! But if I do pass, then say hello to income tax and more CPF. I have been on the lookout for jobs right now. Would be very glad if anyone can guide me along. Like what should I look out for (other than typical office politics, ha!) about working in the society now. Not like part time jobs that kinda. I need a fixed job.

Oh yea, I have LOADS of photos! I really do. But I just get too fed up sometimes with uploading the photos to photobucket cos it takes too long at times so I’m just taking from FB instead.

Recently, if you have seen my facebook, you would have known that I have been taking care of this Shih Tzu named Dino. He’s the baby of a Chan Yan Yi and due to certain circumstances at home, she couldn’t keep the dog that’s why I ended up taking care of it.

Dino was such a lovely despite the fact he’s not toilet trained (that we had no knowledge of). He peed and pooed everywhere he liked in the house. Headache for me and his family. Apart from that, he filled the house with lots of laughter with all his actions and behaviour. He can be the laziest dog I’ve ever seen. He could lie anywhere anytime anyhow. Seriously.

He laid in the middle of the living room.

He laid beside the TV console.

He laid in front of the sofa.

He laid behind the sofa.

He laid in the balcony.

He laid outside the toilet.

He laid while Lollipop was been blown dry.

He laid near the smelly shoes.

He laid on his side.

He laid on his back.

What a sweetie, isn’t he? He’s got his really cute moments despite his emo face. And he looks like Gremlin!

What an uncanny resemblance.

But Dino is way cuter.

My favourite photo of him.

This was taken at my place. I had to bring him back to bathe because Yan Yi brought over empty shampoo bottles  -_- so I just brought Dino back to bathe him instead and then transport him back the next day.

Dino’s pretty horny I must say. He tried to hump both Casper and Lollipop. -_-

Caught on camera!

He tried to hump Lollipop. Haha. But don’t worry. No dogs (or humans) were humped harmed.

Dino started to behave and listen to commands after a few days. It was quite a shock for us because he was already 4 years old without any knowledge of commands or tricks. So I was really happy he ‘came’ when I told him to ‘come’ after a few times. Good boy, Dino!

But he was next passed to another friend to care for due to the inconvenience of him not being toilet-trained. It would be too difficult for us to clean the mess every evening she comes back since no one would be home in the day.

It was sad to see Dino go. I couldn’t bear to bid farewell so I wasn’t present when he was brought away by another friend of the owner. Just hope he’s doing fine now.

Next update: Food! Thinking about the different stuff I had eaten the past weeks got my tummy grumbling.

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