Small furry wriggly things

Visited grandma last week. Saw my cousin’s new pet rabbit, Pebbles. Such a lovey. But unfortunately, I never had any liking for rabbits as pets.

Just that her rabbit was pretty tiny and cute. I’ve seen big rabbits and seriously not cute.

I was just wondering. Do rabbits listen to commands? Like do they listen like dogs? Can they do tricks or come when we want them to?

Dogs seem so much easier to train and cuddle. Pebbles don’t seem to like people. When he’s out of the cage, he just hops himself under cabinets and sofas to hide. Casper will just stay when I ask him to. Ha.

So anyway, apart from the rabbit, my cousin has 7 hamsters.

Goodness. I once had hamsters. I don’t even remember how many I had last time. They weren’t even mine to begin with. And same like rabbits, I never really liked them as pets. Cos you know, they are too… small. How to cuddle to sleep? I’d probably squash them to death by morning.

And I’m kinda afraid of hamsters’ bite. Though small and fearless they may look, one bite and they are off my limits.

In the 2 plus years of keeping hamsters, I never once carried them. Not a single time. It was probably fear of getting bitten by them and dropping them that kept me away. Hamsters are better admired while they’re in the cage.

So my cousin’s hamsters are kept separately because I think some do bite.

Such small little furries. I remember my hamsters were slightly bigger and fatter. Like all they do is eat. They sleep amongst their food anyway. When my hamsters died one by one, my sister and I just thought that was it. End of keeping a pet = end of mum’s naggings. Lol. Because hamsters can be really smelly.

How on earth can such a small little thing cause so much smell?


One thought on “Small furry wriggly things

  1. I totally wish rabbits would listen like dogs do. My sister has 4 of them! They are so annoying! Some of them are sweet, but they can get wild; their favorite thing to do is make noise. I love hamsters too. In fact, the more you handle them, the less they bite. They don’t really bite all that much. Most of it is just love nibbles to show you they care. I’m definitely no expert, but I do know a lot about both animals. (hint: If you want to get a hamster, they LOVE fruit loops!)


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