I can finally graduate!

Ever since I went back to school in 2008, I told myself I must, no matter what, complete the degree and pay off my debts to mum (for all these years of education) and finally make my own living.

I just didn’t expect that uni life could be so tough. Apart from the fact that I went to work for a year before continuing my studies in RMIT, it was quite a jump to suit back to school life after getting used to earning money already.

But nonetheless, I was pretty excited about going back to school and meeting new friends (though it was quite scary to be making new friends in a new environment all over again). But luckily I met Vanessa, who was my poly classmate for a semester.

It was through her we managed to form a group slowly. Thus, my clique of 6 girls including myself.

First group photo taken July 2008.

We had loads of fun in school together. Lots of rubbish and craps during lectures. Like da-bao-ing snacks and baos and oneh-oneh into the lecture hall and making fun of the lecturers (hair, tummies, accent etc). We had a good laugh over it.

Hair. Cos he resembles George Lam.

Tummy. Isn’t it obvious why we even discussed about him?

Accent. Typical ah beng slang. Lol.

And when it was time to chiong for projects, we all contributed and scored fairly well in our team work.

Apart from chionging together for projects and exams, we had our fair share of fun and gatherings outside school.

You can practically watch us grow on this space.

Aug 2008

Aug 2008 – Vanessa’s 21st

Oct 2008 – Evelyn’s 21st

Dec 2008

Dec 2008 – Kerrie’s 21st

Jan 2009

Feb 2009

May 2009 – Last paper of semester 2

May 2009 – Kerlyn’s 22nd

June 2009 – Zoe’s 20th

Aug 2009 – NDP Preview

Nov 2009

Dec 2009

School was a breeze all thanks to the company I had for my 1.5 years in university.

However, I wasn’t so lucky to clear all my papers in the 1.5 years given.

When I sat for my first semester exams, I was damn freaked out. I couldn’t get used to the idea of mugging through the night and having loss of sleep and appetite. But I managed to pull it through the 4 papers. And I was quite happy with my results. When I thought I would fail at least 2 papers, I scored 2 distinctions! Woots!

And probably because of that, I thought uni wouldn’t be that difficult afterall. I somehow slacked slightly more in my second semester.

I failed one paper in my second semester – that one paper that I studied the hardest for and never would thought I would fail it. Imagine my disappointment. And I knew if my appeal didn’t approve, I would have to ‘stay back’ for another semester to finish up what I’ve yet completed. And what was worse, I was alone. =(

It was impossible to squeeze the failed module into my next semester since the school didn’t allow it. (Seriously, kinda fucked up arrangement there.)

The appeal didn’t get through. I appealed with the reason that my dad got retrenched and I didn’t make it up. He really was retrenched. And it was the period where my family kinda fell into slight financial crisis. All of a sudden, budgets were tight and our spending had to be controlled drastically. I couldn’t afford to retake another module at the cost of $1.3k.

It was crazy.

I continued my semester 3 as usual with the girls. Kinda took a toll on me when I had to take Business Finance. I pushed myself to the limits to learn the theories and techniques. There were so many times I broke down in tears thinking that I wouldn’t make it. That was it. I hated finance and never gonna touch it anymore.

Fortunately, I managed to pass my finance paper and bid farewell to it.

At my 4th semester, I had to get a part time job to support my allowances.

For the first time in my life, I was studying and working at the same time. I felt pampered for the past 20 years of my life. But working and studying simultaneously was somewhat manageable. Especially since working was rather fun.

But group mate issues start surfacing and projects weren’t going as smoothly as I thought, I had to quit my job to focus on school. And there I was, attending school once a week and slacking the rest. Lol.

I studied 3 weeks for this one paper. Time passed like the breeze when studying. But yet I felt it seemed I haven’t got anything in my brain at the end of the 2nd week. So dead, I thought.

1 week left and all I’ve got is a stack of hand-written notes and nothing pasted in my brain.

I almost broke down in front of my mum when she asked me to study hard, don’t waste her money. (So encouraging!)

The paper was crazy. I had a hard time trying to come up with possible answer because there were too many of them. I almost didn’t complete the paper on time.

My group mates and I were thinking that it would be a goner this time.

And then we waited for 5 agonising weeks for results to be released.

Although it was stated that results would be out at 2pm, I was already up at 8am yesterday to check the results. By 8.20am, I saw my results.

I got a freaking credit!


I texted my group mates to inform them that results were out. And then I texted my friends that I passed. And then my family. And I tweeted.

I was extremely happy with what I saw. I didn’t expect a lot from myself. Not even a distinction. I just wanted to pass the course and get the freaking degree!

*hops around* I can finally graduate!! Gonna wear the mortarboard proudly. And one day, I hope I can take a family photo with my family.

But that also means I have to get down to real business and start looking for proper jobs. (Not that I haven’t been looking around but now it’s confirmed I’m gonna graduate, I gotta be serious man.)



9 thoughts on “I can finally graduate!

    1. Thanks Foong Yee! Haha I have no idea when convocation will be. Haven’t got any letter yet. Just know it’s in aug. Haha I hope I get some luck in hunting for a job too. Thanks again:)


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