Last minute dinner at JB

Wanted to get a short getaway over the past weekend at Genting due to the immense heat we were facing. So we went over to JB to try our luck to see if there were still tickets. Getting tickets from JB was way cheaper than in SG but the inconvenient part was we had to drop by JB and board the coach from there instead of having the luxury of being picked up near our home directly and brought straight to Genting.

I would prefer getting tickets from SG considering how early I have to get up just to go to JB and take the coach. But then it was an impromptu trip we wanted to make. Plus it was the Vesak day that weekend. Couldn’t imagine how much local tickets would cost. That’s why we considered this option.

But it was too last minute a trip that all the tour agencies in JB were fully booked.

And then we just went for dinner.

At the Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.

Twin Sauce Beef Baked Rice. Bacon roll for appetizer. And spicy prawn noodle soup for me.

Everything just tasted ok. Not awful, not fantastic.

Even the drinks tasted ok. The ice yuan yang was ridiculous. I mean… it’s called 冰镇冻鸳鸯 but we weren’t expecting it to be non-cold and just 1/4 submerged into a bowl of ice. There were a few times the cup almost toppled over. The bowl just couldn’t hold the cup in place.

After dinner, I was tempted to get the mini J Co donuts. 24 pieces for only 17 ringgit. Is that cheap or what?

So cute and colourful. Even Casper was curious about what was hidden inside the box. He could probably smell it. But sorry Casper. You’re allergic to chocolates and all things sweet.

Not much a surprise these donuts were. Probably it was better to buy on the spot and eat them there and then. Not bring back all the way from JB, past the customs and back home.


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