What I’ve been up to

Lately for the past week, I was busy with mundane stuff like looking for a job, slacking, slacking, looking for job, packing, slacking, cleaning, looking for a job. You get the picture.

It’s official that I’ve graduated since the letter came to inform.


Anyone with job lobangs please let me know. Thanks a plenty!

*Update on 4 Jan 2011*

Desktop was returned because he insisted he paid for it so it should belong to him when clearly it was my birthday gift. Bah!

*end update*

It was the PC Show weekend that he got me a new desktop. He didn’t get it from the PC Show though. After helping my cousin look for a laptop at the PC Show, we went on to Sim Lim to get our customised desktop.

I was damn excited with the idea of a new desktop because I wanted a bigger monitor than my pathetic laptop for the sake of watching movies. Lol.

And we bought this.

Fugly logo there. Shall bling it up some time soon.

And since it’s DIY-ed, the specs are kinda awesome.

i5 processor
1GB graphics card
21.5″ LCD
Windows 7 Home

The rest of the specs are alien to me. But all I know is I’m loving my spanking new desktop! Been watching lots of movies since I got it. Might need to change to a better speaker system for a better experience.

Few days ago while in the midst of cleaning and packing, especially the storeroom, I found loads of childhood memories. When I say memories, I refer to toys. Lol. Like my old barbie toys and plushies and whatsnot.

I ain’t really into barbie when I was young though. It was just a growing up phase girls went through. It was as if baby girls were programmed to like pink and cute stuff. Same goes to baby boys. They had to like lego and transformer-related toys. You know, those toys you can transform from a car to a robot thingy. Or even sports-related toys.

How boring.

Why can’t boys like barbie and girls like lego?

I liked lego. Lol.

Ironically, I didn’t find a single lego toy in the storeroom. It was all just barbie and plushies and board games. -_- Where did my lego go??

Board games are cool. So they stay. Barbie and plushies are out.

Been rather into board games (and 3-leg mahjong) lately. My sis bought Blackmail from Cash Converters (lol!) and borrowed Taboo from her friend. Plus the existing ones we already have, we just slept later and later.

The old classic monopoly we dug out from the store room, plus the new additions, are some board games we’re hooked on.

I found my favourite toy when I was a kid. The moment I saw it, I almost burst into tears. And then I almost wanted to keep that toy just in case 10 years later when we pack the store again I might wanna go through the OMG-this-was-my-favourite-toy-when-I-was-young moment yet another time.

Actually I don’t even think it was my favouritest toy. It was because I weren’t obsessed with toys when I was young that I didn’t even have that many to begin with. But it was the most memorable toy I had because long time ago, there was this sand-filled playground (which already hardly exists in SG) two blocks away and they have this gigantic shoe that kids can climb in and slide down.

And it looks really interesting from the outside.

You can actually open up the front of it (like a nice peep-toe!) and the side. The roof could be lifted up too!

And the inside is actually a classroom!

With lots of barangs barangs that can be laid out nicely. So school-like.

You have your teacher (cos he’s with a tie) and the students.

And you have a mini playground for the kids after lessons.

So cool.

I always remembered dropping the students down the slide and laughing to myself how stupid they look. And I like to make the swing turn 360 degrees. Oh oh! And I like to spin the merry-go-round like super fast until the whole thing flies out. Haha!

Ok that sounded rather sadistic.

It was all those childhood memories that were kept in this shoe toy of mine. My sister reminded me to take photos of it since I liked the toy so much. Sadly, it was dumped in the rubbish chute shortly after these photos were taken. I have to grow up.


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