Thai Express loves

BFF took leave from work yesterday and we met up for lunch at Jurong Point since both of us were craving for Thai Express. The poor girl was sick. I thought the lunch would be cancelled cos she was dripping from the nose and needed rest. But she texted me to meet her so off we went.

Haha and our buses just happened to pull up one in front of the other.

Pin-hole effect.

We both ordered tom yum hor fun. Haven’t eaten it since that day we went USS. We got a prawn toast to share too.

Thai express tom yum hor fun is to die for!

All the yummy goodness on a plate.

Prawn toast. It’s not complete unless you dip it into their thai sweet chilli sauce. That. I tell you, is the essence of the dish.

I was totally bloated from lunch. I was kinda craving for ice cream but there wasn’t anymore space. Ice cream will have to wait.

We shopped around for a bit. Kaixin got herself a pair of shoes and we bought cream puffs back home.

She had to visit a doctor because her flu got pretty bad after.

And I went home.

I totally dozed off on the bus despite having music blasting in my ears. I must have been really tired.

I got home, and my sister gave me this really cute automated coin bank.

Looks like a mini package.

Look at the details on the side. So adorable!


And this is how it works. I took a video of it to show how it works. Saving money can never be this much fun!




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