Hellavu week

Joyce just gave birth to a healthy little boy on the 25th, just one day before her eldest sister, Adeline’s, birthday. Such lovely timing for the baby to pop. Haha.

Everybody, meet Darius. Such a cute little thing born after 9 months. Amazing, isn’t it? Life, that is.

He enjoys peeking around with one eye open and doing funny things with his mouth. Super cute!

Sleeping tightly despite the noise. Lol.

There were easily over 20 visitors in the single ward and Darius could still sleep so soundly.

He must really hate been bounded cos whenever we unwrap him, his legs and hands wave around and stretch like nobody’s business.

A few days later, their dad and grandmother both were hospitalised due to health conditions. Their family were shuttling in and out of both hospitals since they weren’t warded at the same hospital.

Fortunately, things are looking good for both the elders. Their dad was discharged today and grandmother will be discharged tomorrow.

Another thing is their parents and relatives have booked tickets to Bangkok this coming Friday a few months ago. But due to the recent events at home, we decided to book another two tickets for ourselves so that we can go along with his family to take care of them. It would be safer for some younger ones to be around the elders.

How impromptu can this trip be? Lol. And the tickets were crazily priced compared to the early bird despite us going budget.

Early bird for 5 pax cost over $500. While the late tickets easily cost us the same price for just 2 of us!

Total pax going for this trip would be 12. And it’s not even a tour group, just our own people. 🙂

– – – – –

Alright. Next up, photos for the dinner at Iluka @ Changi Beach Club for Adeline’s birthday on the 26th. This was just a couple days before the mishap that got his dad hospitalised.

All I can say is that life is really fragile. You never know when someone you love will just fall into a situation that will change your life.

Anyway, we went for a dinner at this restaurant at Changi Beach Club. Damn far omg. It’s near the changi chalets and trust me, it’s damn far. At least, it is from the west.

The only good thing is that we enjoyed our dinner while watching the sun set gorgeously behind the glass panels enclosing the restaurant.

It was a buffet dinner costing $45++ per pax. Siao bo? But thankfully they had a 1 for 1 voucher so we paid half price for a table of 10. And Adeline treated us to the dinner. 🙂

The food was normal. Some were good. While some were just normal. For that kinda price, I would just go indulge in salted egg crabs at Jurong.

There weren’t many varieties to choose from. I managed to try everything. This just means that there had so little dishes that even a small eater like me could taste them all. And that includes desserts. Lol.

So we started out with salads.

I can say I liked their salads even though we do our own mixing. I like to choose the toppings and amount of dressing.

And then we took some seafood. They aimed for the oysters while I aimed the prawns. I’m not exactly a hard shell seafood lover. I don’t eat oysters or mussels or cockles though I love clams and crabs. Irony.

Happily grabbing the oysters from the seafood section. There were prawns, mussels and crayfish too.

Seafood with a bit of salad at the side. The oysters look extremely tempting but not enough for me to like them.

My greens with some potato and fruit salads on the side and the isolated prawns.

After we finished the salads, we went back for the main course. It’s always my habit to have a bit of rice to go along with the dishes. Or at least some noodles. So I had to take the fried rice. And there was veggies, pork ribs, fish fillets, cod fish, prawn siew mai, pizzas, grilled pork, chicken wings and I guess that’s about it. A simple 10-items buffet.

I didn’t manage to try the aglio olio though I would very much love to but I wanted to keep some space for desserts after the mains.

The mains. Just about 10 of them.

I did try the soup though. It was rather tasty since it was mushroom soup. How wrong can mushroom soups go, right? 🙂

The seafood corner. Notice that all oysters been eaten and they placed the crayfish on the ice to cover the gaps. Haha.

Potato and fruit salads table.

The appetiser I didn’t try. Pink didn’t appeal to me.

Salads table. With assorted veggie selection and a few toppings plus dressings.

After the mains, I literally dashed to the dessert section.

Thank the creators of desserts, they had more varieties for the sweet tooth.

The sweet stuff.

Mixed agar agar with fruits.

Creamy stuff.

Coconut cake.

Creamy stuff and puddings. Mango puddings with assorted fruits, coffee cream, chocolate cream (with dark chocolates), raspberry and blueberry cream, some agar agar and many more.

Brownies! I ate this with a dash of ice cream.

Assorted cakes.

This was what I took. Lol!

The ice cream bar.

Chocolate ice cream.

The end-product.

So the bill came up to a few hundreds after the discount. They even gave a birthday tiramisu cake for the birthday girl. Tasted pretty good considering the alcohol amount was rather sufficient.

And then we had english tea to end the night.

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