It will take some time for me to update properly

*sweeps cob webs*

Hi people! I’m back from Bangkok. Haven’t really adjusted my mood back yet because seriously, I haven’t really shopped enough nor enjoyed enough. I wanna go back there! And spend the WHOLE day at Chatuchak instead of just 2 hours. Bah!

Oh well. Can’t be helped when we have an elder who can’t walk much. And the weather was horrid!

So I came back and sorted my luggage and realised I didn’t buy that many things afterall. Just slightly 10 over clothes and some food. No accessories and shoes. 😦

Anyway, I’m home rotting myself away and have almost nothing to do since Casper’s been sent to the groomer’s since 9ish in the morning. And I’ll only see him back around evening 6ish, as promised by the groomer. Let’s hope he wouldn’t be late like the last time. Otherwise I would be overreacting and being all paranoid thinking my dog has been abducted. 😀

Internet’s been cranky the whole of yesterday. But lucky for me (or not) I was having a major headache so it didn’t affect me much. I just slept the afternoon away.

The headache didn’t go away after the 3-hour nap. Turned in early at 10ish at night and slept till 8 this morning. Wow. And headache’s gone! But I’m attacked by the flu bug.

Urgh! When will I be rid of illnesses!?!?

Ok now I shall go do some major catch-up with the local dramas and probably some HK ones and wait for Casper to be back with his new furcut.

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