Bangkok Day 2 and 3

We started the day at Chatuchak early in the morning. It was the weekends. We HAD to go to the famous weekend market! Besides, it was my first time in Bangkok during the weekends. I have definitely missed out A LOT!

We had brunch at this little beachy-feel cafe in Chatuchak. The food was exceptionally good. Satisfying enough before we ransack the stalls.

The only obstacle we had to battle with was the extreme hot weather. I was feeling  unwell, dizzy and all, just walking through the aisles of stalls for 30 minutes. Managed to buy a few items for myself. We were kinda lost inside and totally couldn’t find our way to the pets’ section. BOO! I had wanted so much to go grab clothes and accessories for Casper and take a look at the puppies for sale there.

Probably it was a blessing in disguise I didn’t get to find the pets’ section. Because I would have left the place heartbroken knowing that the puppies aren’t exactly in their tip-top conditions and yet I’m not able to buy them back to Singapore to save them. 😦 Major sadness.

We cut the shopping spree short cos it was noon and the sun was working its best to kill us all. We moved on to Platinum Mall. At least it was indoors. Ha!

Had lunch at the food court before continuing with more shopping.

Didn’t take much photos at Platinum Mall (in fact I didn’t take many photos throughout the trip). Picture above shows my lunch, Casper’s new carrier (from CTC) and a random shot of what’s like inside the mall. I would say it’s pretty much like Far East but way cheaper. Lol.

We spent a longer time at Platinum Mall than CTC. After our shopping, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner.

We cabbed down to this seafood restaurant upon recommendation.

HUGE mistake! The price was double of what we ate on day 1 and not as delicious. It was like we were paying more yet not filling our tummies. And the food didn’t taste fantastic. Fail. Only the service was worth mentioning for a bit.

Half the group went for leg massages while we returned to the hotel after dinner. We went to the mini-mart near the hotel to pack loads of alcohol back for the uncles. Lol. They drank beer like water.

And we called it a night.

We had breakfast at the stalls by the roadside near the hotel the next morning. There was chicken rice, pork knuckles rice, porridge, noodle soup, youtiao and stuff.

Their you tiao are short. Like the butterfly puff instead.

We proceeded to MBK next. It was like any shopping mall in SG. The prices were somewhat similar so we didn’t buy much from there. We had lunch at Fuji Restaurant.

Potato salad, teriyaki chicken, avocado salad.

The serving for the bento sets were too big. Towards the end, everyone was trying to stuff everything down because the food there was tastier than local jap restaurants. Fuji is like our Sakae, with many outlets around their country.

Everybody deserved a good foot massage after all that shopping. All of us headed to this massage parlour near the hotel and enjoyed 2 whole hours of foot massage at just 150 Baht per hour per person. After the foot massage, they also do a little back and neck massage. Damn worth the money! It was so good the elders went every night.

After the massage, we then headed for dinner at chinatown again! After spending the regretful amount at the expensive seafood restaurant on the second night, we thought chinatown was still the best to put our money at for a fulfilling dinner.

We ordered almost the same items namely the tom yum soup, fresh oysters, steamed fish. Plus we had durians and youtiao coated with chocolate syrup for desserts. What I love most was that the stalls were all packed together. So everything is just within your reach. For instance, the durian stall was just directly behind me. I could get up and turn around to buy 1 packet of fleshy durians and the extremely delicious youtiao with chocolate syrup.

Like what I always say about Bangkok, you will never starve there. 🙂

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