Steamboats and bridesmaids

Bestie is gonna get married in March next year. And she’s got me to be her bridesmaid. Wee! I feel damn experienced after being the bridesmaid for Hazel and Joyce. Especially with the sabotage games. Haha.

By the way, is the taboo about one can only be a bridesmaid for a maximum of 3 times true? It affects your marital luck, does it?

If it’s so, I better stop at Kaixin’s wedding. Lol. And I’d better catch the bouquet when she throws it. Lol.

So Kaixin said she will arrange a get together for the bridesmaids. If can, I would like to meet them over a steamboat. Lol cos I’m slightly craving for it. And I know she herself also cannot resist ma la steamboat.

It’s kinda coincident that her primary school classmate was my poly classmate. And this same girl is friends with my uni mate too. How small can the world be?

Nowadays, a lot of friends are getting married. Or at least I’m hearing lots of wedding bells. Adeline is getting married next January. Bestie’s next March. Who’s next? Even my poly friend is engaged.

Fast, or what?

And lots of new borns lately.

Wah. A period of happiness! I like!

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