Keep the luck going!

Few months ago, I received an email saying I’ve won a hamper from Make Up Store because I took part in the CLEO SMS contest. It has always been a ‘habit’ to text away every month I receive my CLEO magazine in the mailbox and hope to win something.

And yup, I won the hamper and went to collect it. Came with a few items worth over 100 bucks in total and a voucher.

Had a major hiccup with Make Up Store’s staff when I wanted to buy something though. Will update in another post.

This month, I received another email saying I won another hamper from Nuxe, also worth over 100 bucks. Wee~!

Lucky or what? Makes me really happy to win hampers instead of single items. Though I hope to win certain single items too (like blackberry or something) lol.

Can’t wait to try out these new products.

And thanks CLEO! For making my day 🙂

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