Well done, SIM!

I paid close to TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS to study at your school! $20K leh! You know got how many zeros? GOT 4! $20,000!

And now you won’t even grant me 2 extra guest tickets for my convocation? How to invite my family to attend the ceremony when I have only 2 tickets? Should I invite my Mum and Dad and ask my sister to wait outside? Or get my Mum and Sis in while my nearing 70 years old father wait outside?

Brainless ah! You trying to tell me I have to choose who is more important so the less important one can wait outside?

Like finally I thought I can make my family proud since I’m the only university graduate in the family but now they can’t witness my convocation in full attendance?

I am pissed. Seriously. Or should I be sad?

Maybe the extra tickets were given to award winners. Smart people. ONLY smart people can have more guests?

Then what for ask us to request if we need to? So that you can have a chance to reject us conveniently yet painfully through the stupid email?


Some more the tickets need to pay $16 each leh! And now I’m willing to spend more money so that I can get my family to come witness my convocation, you reject me with this stupid email.

Well done, SIM.


One thought on “Well done, SIM!

  1. hey girl, i got that same email too 😦 think they grant no one extra tickets lo.. super sad! now my sis and bro got to wait outside..


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