This 7th month

If I say I’m not afraid or not superstitious, I’m absolutely lying.

I have never really bothered about the 7th month at all before I got Casper. But the first year he was with us, he started acting pretty weirdly during the 7th month. Which is damn spooky ok!

I was randomly surfing the net, doing my regular stuff at home (all alone because everyone’s out at work and I was still a student then), and then Casper started howling. HOWL ok? Not bark. Like a wolf howl. And sometimes a bit of whining and random barking too. It totally freaked me out lah!

What’s worse was he was usually resting at my room door cos he likes to look out to the living room from that spot, and he started howling into space. Cos no one was home! And he would bark at nothingness or randomly run out the room barking and run back in whining and hiding at one corner.

That was not normal. Usually he would just bark because of the neighbours’ keys or noisy kids playing downstairs.

Seriously. This shit freaked me out so bad. I went out to check and nothing was there. I mean, sure there was nothing lah. If there was something wouldn’t be here blogging nicely already.

That first year he was with us during the 7th month totally sent the message that I should be extra careful since I have a dog now.

So when I removed his bell collar a few days ago, my mum wore it back again for him. When I told her I was just playing safe, she gave me the “there’s no such things as good brothers” face.

You wouldn’t wanna see something happen then start regretting right?

Now that I’m not home in the day, I’m worrying about Casper. It hurts me to keep him in my room everyday I go out. But if I let him roam freely around the house, I can expect a disaster when I’m home. Lol.

Alright. 4 more hours to go before I embark on my journey home to welcome Casper in my arms.


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