Long time no see

Today, we visited you.

It was extremely quiet. Could only hear the rain.

Why is it that every time we visit you it rains?

Are the skies crying for us? Or are you crying cos you missed us?

We missed you too.

September hurts the most.

And it pass the slowest.

9 years.

How did 9 years pass by so quickly?

You would be 22 now.

Doing things you really loved.

You looked bubbly and happy.

Really happy.

We put new flowers and cleaned your space.

Stopped and looked.

I felt a jerk inside.

Such that I had to step aside and hide my sadness.

So quiet.

This morning I went to church for you. I thought about and prayed for you. It got pretty emotional towards the end as the choir sang a sad tune. The insomnia didn’t exactly make the session any easier. I had to hold back my tears. It seems that I haven’t really accepted the fact that you’re gone. Really gone.

But the fact is, you’re really gone.

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