I got buttered!

It was my virgin visit to Butter Factory last Saturday night despite it been around for what, 4 years? I quite like the music there though. R&B, baby!

But drinks a lil expensive. At least we had 2 free drinks along with the entrance fee.

So I practically drank alot of this and that for that night. And nothing happened. Boring.

We ordered vodka lime, orange, redbull, ribena, whisky coke etc. Boring leh!

Then I ordered Jagerbomb! Hee!

What can I say? I was tired, I was almost yawning. I needed redbull. Lol.

$18 for each glass of goodness.

The spontaneous bartenders there. Hi guys!

Bottoms up, babe!

Thirsty max.

The people I was with that night. Weeeee~!

Introducing Vanessa’s beau, Jon. Hi!

I wasn’t drunk. Just sleepy. Lol. Not high = cannot dance = sleepy.

I saw Zhen Quan there with his friends. He very nicely treated me to a drink. But still not very high. Lol. Oh well.

That’s all for the night. Just a mere 3 hours of dancing and we left.


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