The 199 Shop!


I have always liked shopping with The199shop simply because it’s $19.90 all the way! Where can we find better deals than that right? And honestly, for that price I’m paying, I’m getting good quality clothings and exclusive designs.

So recently I bought a lot of items from them, especially when they were having sales. What can I say? If you think $19.90 is cheap enough, wait till you see their sales. You save even more!

You guys know I like purple. So when I saw this dress I couldn’t help but click on “Add to bag”.

The material was extremely soft and thin yet not sheer.

My colleague liked it too. She’s pretty new to blogshopping so I just passed her the link to the199shop. She absolutely loved their clothes.

I had to buy this maxi because it was casual enough for a day of shopping. And I was surprised the length was perfect. No alterations needed 😀

Precious tots at Raffles City. She’s in her maxi too =P

If you wanna look for party clothes, they have them too!

It was an impromptu decision to drop by St James after Kaixin’s wedding photoshoot. It took me less than a minute to decide what I wanted to wear.

I had this Toga in my wardrobe and I knew I had to pick this for the night. Kinda matched my mood too 🙂

They have different themes of clothes updated every week. So I always have something to look forward to!

That’s not all. Now when you shop at The199shop, do look out for their current promotion.

Simple isn’t it?

So don’t hesitate any longer. They have fabulous and friendly service! Sometimes it’s the service that makes one happy, no? 🙂


2 thoughts on “The 199 Shop!

  1. i never once clicked on their site after they sort of revamped. i remembered the 1st time when I browse their site a long time ago, the clothes were quite dreadful. hmmm .. right after this comment, I shall click on it and give it another chance hee.


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