I finally put on my 方帽!

I know this post came in a tad too late but better than never right? I almost forgotten about it since I uploaded them in Facebook already. My bad. Too much facebook is bad.

So a month ago, I attended my convocation! Weeee~! Finally a graduate! And to wear the mortarboard has been my dream since I keep seeing family portraits of my relatives and cousins wearing their graduation robes. Simply awesome!

Despite the hefty school fees and torturous exams, I must say uni life has never been better. I love school life, especially with awesome crazy people as group mates.

So on that noon, Zoe was damn early. She texted me she was already on her way and reaching when I was still home.

While I was on my way, she texted saying there was no more carpark lots. That was pretty scary.

And then I saw a queue outside school. -_-

The underground carpark was full so I led my sister to the open space one. And we had to walk a distance back to school from where she parked.

I went to get myself registered.

And let’s have a warm welcome for the graduate of the year!

Haha. Fake one.

This is the real one. Hee I’m graduating I’m graduating I’m graduating!

And there’s Zoe! We both actually ironed our graduation robe while others just chucked theirs in paper bags.

And we camwhored.

After we registered, we went to get changed. Woohoo!

A guy attended to Zoe. *gasp*

Why no one tell me my ‘flap’ thingy never place down properly?

Kerrie was with us too but her photo was too blur -_-

Yay! 3 of us got changed. And why is our hair colour light, lighter and lightest?? I want lightestest!

Leland, my new group member from the last semester.

And then you put 3 girls and cameras together, you get a major camwhoring session.

We all have perfect skin, baby!

After awhile, my sis and mum came looking for me. And they’ve got gifts for me.

So damn cute! The bear looks like everyone of us. With the purple thingy too. And flowers wrapped in purple wrapper! Like!!

Me with bear.

Trying to show it’s purple. 😀

Bear bear getting lots of love.

I ‘took’ this picture off the photography studio’s website. Otherwise I have to pay a minimum of 8 bucks for 1 photo to be printed. -_-

Anyway, this was taken before we entered the hall. And Zoe was taking photo for us using Kerlyn’s iphone 4.

And this was taken by the iphone 4. -_- Camera fail. Overexposed max.

Inside the hall.

I liked the purple lighting!

I was in the second last row. Meaning I was gonna be one of the last few who go up the stage to received my cert. Sit until backside pain. All thanks to whatsapp (for Nokia), I was entertained by my fellow uni peeps throughout the whole ceremony. Halfway through the ceremony, Zoe and I almost wanted to walk out and go for the tea reception cos we were too hungry.

Then one by one, I witnessed my friends going up the stage doing their thing.

I was almost moved to tears.

Then it was my turn. I just worried about tripping over or the mortar board falling over because it was actually quite heavy.

Weeeeeee~! I collected my stuff and that was it. A short 20 second of glory and that was it.

While walking back to my seat, my sister signalled me for a photo. In the middle of the hall! Wtf. Paiseh max.

Even when I was preventing myself from tripping over the other graduates’ belongings through the aisle she also wanna take. So no choice lor, pose for her. Lol.

Kerrie was just seated in front of me! And Leland was behind me. Kerlyn was 2 rows in front of us and Zoe was on the other side -_- That’s why we whatsapped. 😀

Getting out of the hall was madness. Machiam we go attend concert lah. So squeezy.

And this is the tea reception area. Open to public.

The food was… blah. To think we paid $16 per pax.

After we had our late lunch, we gathered for photos!




We have graduated, girls!!!

Love this photo!!

My girls at home 😀 Wahahahahaha my girls seh… Ok lah my mum looks pretty young still. And my sister actually looks younger than me -_-

Zoe left. And then Kerrie left too.

I was telling her she needed to unbutton her blouse (gasp!) because the purple thingy is hooked onto her button to prevent it from dropping.

So my girls left and I stayed behind a bit longer to take more pictures with Kerlyn.

Happy mummy. And I didn’t even realise the bear was back-facing the camera.

Then I gathered my other group members.

Leland got here first 🙂

I was calling for Sammie and Suhayl.

But Suhayl left. It was the fasting month so he couldn’t stay for the tea reception.

Yay! Thanks to them, project was made easy. Hee. Cos we had one talk alot but no action group mate. Baahh!


Family picture.

Feel like crying when I look at this photo. *sob*

All the effort for this damn huge piece of paper.

After that, Kerlyn and I did what typical graduates do.

Yup. And we failed. Because Kerlyn threw her mortar board and almost hit someone. LOL.

I did a solo pic. Pretty good eh?

My sis’ camera was good enough to capture the thing flying too. 🙂

Ok I’m happy I’ve graduated but I’m not glad I’m getting older. *sob* Now I’m a working adult. And that sounds old.

And there it ended. My life in SIM.

Thank you my friends. There are many other friends who graduated with me that day but it was too messy to gather everyone for a group photo. But thanks to them for making my journey in SIM such a lovely one. Muacks!! Love you guys!!


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