1509 to 0110

I can’t think of another post title for this extremely random update. It’s a jumble of here and there. I’ve lost a procedure to blog haha. Oh wait, since when have I had any procedure in blogging? Oh well.

Visited La Nonna at Holland V in mid September.

It was a small cosy 2-storey restaurant that allows indoor and outdoor dining. Obviously I chose indoor. Who wanna sit outside sweat and inhale second hand smoke at the same time?

This is Risotto (say it with an italian accent) lol. I want to learn to cook this! It’s like wet rice or very dry porridge. Lol. Except with very strong cream taste and herb smell, with mushrooms!

And this is Lasagna. The cheese was so good!

Photos were taken while we’ve already dug in because I couldn’t wait.

– – – – –

Met Kaixin for dinner at Lot 1 Sakae. We ordered ramen. First time trying their ramens. The soup was obviously boiled for a long time with chicken bones because there was a strong taste of chicken unlike other typical ramens I’ve eaten that use a miso or shoyu base.

Tempura ramen

Teriyaki chicken ramen

Oh oh!! And the egg is half-cooked inside. Watery york!!

Too bad we couldn’t finish the noodles cos we ordered shishamo to share. But we almost drained out the soup.

We are both small eaters :X

– – – – –

And then it was Chomp Chomp!

It’s been ages since I last been there!! I got damn excited when I went there again after so long.

Ate non stop. Ordered more than the what the group of 4 beside us did. Lol.

End product. There were 10 sticks satay, stingray, fried oyster, fried kway tiao and a giant glass of sugarcane juice.

The auntie beside our table even said “Wah so li hai eat ah?” 😀

– – – – –

Met up with some choir girls for a simple lunch at Bugis on the 25th of last month. But before that, Kaixin and I went to Raffles City to collect her pants from Mango. And we saw Precious Moments!

Look at how the boy held her hand. Machiam wanna invite her to dance 😀

And the girl. So cute. Matching pose!

I did a matching twist pose with her too. Why so cute ah? Her head damn big sia.

After that we just camwhored in the toilet. How to resist hugeass mirrors? Lol.

Dress from the199shop.

Kate spade!! Got it so freaking cheap!

Then we roamed around Bugis after Raffles City and decided to dine at Nando’s. We had to queue for about 30 minutes before we got a table. Service was so bad, I warn you.

But I liked their food. Or maybe it was the chill sauce they provided.

There’s tomato, garlic chilli, mild spicy and very spicy. DAMN shiok!

1 platter shared among 2 of us. We ordered 2 platters haha.

Everything was nice except the olives. Don’t like olives.

Anyway, about their service, it was atrocious! They were extremely ignorant to the customers, be it those already dining or those queuing up.

  1. They missed out our drinks and had to be reminded twice before they brought the missing one to us. When we reminded them the first time, they said they will check. Check until where sia?
  2. Halfway through our lunch, there were at least 4 sets of tables (4 pax to 8 pax) already empty and yet no one bothered to go clear the tables to prepare for new customers. And the queue was still very long.
  3. When we called for our bill, we called a total of 4 times in a period of 30 minutes before someone finally came with our bill. Wtf was that? One of the waiter whom we signalled him for the bill saw us and pretended to signal someone else to attend to us, and then proceeded to walking around aimlessly in the restaurant. And still, no bill came!

It was an awful first experience we almost stood up and left without paying. -_- But I dig the chilli there so I might just go back again afterall. *slaps self*

– – – – –

I was helping out at this company for 2 months and it was my last day on the last day of September. I loved the job because I basically do very simple stuff. Plus, the environment is really relaxed. The office was like our own home.

We remove our shoes.

And then put on our own indoor slippers. Hee.

My work space. I get to surf net, msn and facebook. That’s what I’m supposed to do.

This belongs to a colleague, Angelin, who doesn’t come in that much. She wasn’t in office that day but she just leaves her ipad there. It’s a pretty useless thing without data.

This is my one and only office colleague. Most of the time it’s just 2 of us haha.

I taught her online shopping and brought her to do waxing. That’s more or less what we always do in office. Chit chat and online shopping. :X

After work, I met up with Kaixin and Weiliang for dinner at Jurong Point. I had so much to update them about everything hahaha. Damn san ba lah!

We had dinner at Lai Lai. Kaixin take photo of food, at the same time pose for me. Lol.

Weiliang fiddling with his iphone 4.

鲁肉饭 – My personal favourite!!

大肠面线 – Both of them ordered this

We ordered the set so it came with 3 sides of our choice plus 3 drinks. Only $12++ per pax.

Some tofu with minced meat.


I forgot what this is but it’s roasted meat with some sauce.

Talked to them about the drama in my life and damn, it was just a relief to know that friends like them are always there to support me no matter what. Love u all!

– – – – –

Met my crazy friend, Li Si, for a Children’s day shopping trip. Haha we are still young lor.

At first we went to Raffles City and walked aimlessly. Really was an aimless trip.

There. Still young. Can do the twist pose.

Lunch was at mos burger because everywhere was crowded during lunch hour.

I always eat the same old thing at mos burger. The tsukune rice burger. Why ah? Without onions some more. Too comfortable with food that I know I’m not willing to try others.

Then we went to find Ann at Orchard Central.

If I work there, I might just be too obssessed with the mirror at their work desk. Lol. How to concentrate at work like that? I’d be camwhoring away.

Then it was their smoke break. I just sat there breathing in second hand smoke. Lol. It was better than breathing in second hand smoke from strangers right? Want die also die with friends, what for die with stranger?

Love these babes to bits!! *muacks muacks*

After that we went for a drink at Coffee Club. Ann had to return back to work cos her break time was over.

She showed me a photo of some funny picture saying 我那么爱你,你爱我一点会死阿?(loosely translated as I love you so much, you love me a bit will die ah?) Funny lor! Lol.

Next time can use this on your boyfriends lol!

Then it was dinner!

Fisherman’s Toss

Lobster Bisque Baked Rice

Didn’t expect the food to be rather nice. The scallop was fresh. I like 🙂

Li Si and I at dinner.

This girl went off to meet her friends for a drink and the next day she told me she was so drunk she didn’t even know how she got home. Tsk. Next time bring jie jie along so I can take care of you hor!!

Ok end of post. I blog until sian already.


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