Dog abuse

I have seen countless news, pictures and videos on dog abuse all over the world.

How many times can your heart break when you see a dog being abused and yet not able to stop it? If I witness anyone abusing his/her dog, I would do anything to not let the abuser lay a finger on the dog just so to spare the poor animal’s life.

Why is there such cruelty in this world? WHY???

Isn’t the world already a depressing place to live in? Who needs more of such animal abuse news?? It’s just fucking heartbreaking to see these animals suffering in silence. We never know what kind of fear they face when the abuse is happening at the very moment. How can such a helpless animal defend themselves?

I just shared a video of a dog being poured with boiling oil. The entire back of the dog was scarred. What hurt me most was when the dog was being attended to at the pet clinic, it howled in pain. I couldn’t stand the pain it was going through.

Video link

It has scarred the dog physically and I’m sure mentally too. It would take a long time for this dog to trust humans ever again.

I fucking wanna kill that fucking person who did it. He’s either crazy or heartless.

Dogs have lives too. They deserve every single chance to be happy.

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