Hi from my new blackberry

Woohoo! I gotta say I’m loving my new blackberry. It’s only been 3 days but I got a good feeling about it unless it starts showing me hardware problems.

But I’m impressed they have a free wordpress app for bb that’s why I’m making my virgin post from here.

My blackberry’s white. Pretty ladylike. And I need to get the protective film since there are always kpo people around trying to peep at what I’m doing on my phone.

Fine, if I’m surfing net, looking at facebook or something. But not fine, when I’m texting my friends.

Oh and I gotta love texting on my bb since qwerty keyboards are major loves! I just hate the iphone touchscreen. Prefer something hard to press on. 😛 At least I can type while I’m walking without having to stare at my screen.

What’s not to love when I have free smses, whatsapp and bbm! Woo! And whatsapp is free for a year (for me) even though it’s supposed to be a 3 month trial. Oh ya Vanessa’s whatsapp is free til 2022! How absurd is that? Lol!

Anyway, this week has been a pretty exciting week considering there was a mid week holiday for all of us! Yay to public holidays! And then I watched Harry Potter last night with my mum, aunt and cousin. My mum didn’t even catch the previous few episodes. I’m pretty sure she was pretty lost last night. My cousin watched it twice already and heard she’s gonna watch it a third time. Major HP fan, she is.

Tonight, will be meeting bff for steamboat at Beauty World. She highly recommends the steamboat there. I shall try it out for myself to see if it’s really that good.

Tomorrow, another steamboat with the ex colleagues! Been over a year since I last saw them. Miss them like nuts!

Will spend the sunday nua-ing at home with LA.

And that’s my weekend for you 🙂

PS. Next weekend is cruise weekend for me and LA! 😀


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