If I could stay on cruise, I would.

On board Star Virgo, I was only looking forward to eating. Nuff’ said.

Unfortunately, the buffet wasn’t exactly that sumptuous to begin with. So we opted for chinese cuisine for our first dinner on board.

I was easily satisfied with the salted veg soup and the fish. The fish was so good we ordered 2 plates of it. And the coffee ribs and soy sauce chicken. Woo! I almost asked for a second serving of rice.

After dinner, it was exploring around. I didn’t find the ship that huge after walking around a few times. All I can say is everywhere is easily accessible. From my memories of being on board Star Leo a long long time ago, Leo was bigger.

But oh well. Nobody really bothered about how big the ship was. It seemed that 90% of the passengers were there for one reason. Casino.

The remaining 10% were underaged children. And young adults barely made it to 1%.

We went round the ship, with LA as my tour guide, since he’s like extremely familiar with getting around.

We went for the ping pong show at the Lido, featuring this stunt man from Italy or somewhere doing tricks with ping pong balls and juggling. He was funny.

Then it was more exploring on the upper deck and walking around rather aimlessly. Then we had supper (photo below: top left), before returning to our cabin for an early night.

Oh well, not so early, in fact. I was up watching HBO and AXN. Lol.

Dragged my ass up the next morning for breakfast buffet. The thing I love about breakfast buffets is that I always go for the porridge. I know, right? What’s so nice about plain porridge? I’m a traditional chinese girl. I like chinese food.

It was such a fine weather to be out taking photos.

Everything was clear and serene. Though the sunset wasn’t fantastic a view, it was not bad lah. Lol.

We spent most of our second day in the casino. I didn’t gamble a single bit. Good girl eh?

So it was breakfast, relaxed by the pool, went back cabin to freshen up (cos I didn’t bother to make up for breakfast), went casino, had lunch at some chinese restaurant (so freaking expensive but food damn nice), went back casino, stayed til dinner time and had BBQ buffet, watched Zhou Hui’s concert, back to casino, watched soccer, had supper, sleep.

Zhou Hui was such a fabulous live singer. She’s gotten a lil old though. And then it was soccer with ice cold beer. Best! I’m not a soccer fan but give me beer and I’m fine with anything.

After the rather stupid match, we went for supper cos I was really craving for Bak Ku Teh. Malaysian style Bak Ku Teh. Shiok! I like all kinds of BKT. Hokkien, teochew, Singapore or whatsoever style I also like. Damn now I’m craving for it again.

So after supper, we turned in. And couldn’t wake up for breakfast. Breakfast on the 3rd day was earlier than the 2nd since the ship would be reaching at 11ish in the morning. So we just slept in til almost time for check out.

Preview of our cabin with a balcony. Everything was good except toilet too small. Lol. Confirm people of certain sizes cannot go in. Then cannot bathe. Cannot even do business.

But anyway, when we reached SG, I was rather reluctant to get down the ship. I wouldn’t mind casino-ing or buffet-ing for more days. Just bored that there wasn’t internet. Lol and it would be even better if dogs were allowed on board!


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