So many movies lately

Ok my ‘lately’ means within these few months or so.

Been having lots of movie gatherings lately with LA and friends.

Gonna list out earliest to latest.

Wooo! Sexy moves! I like. Totally love the Step Up movies.

Eh I love Drew Barrymore but somehow I don’t quite like the story. Rather boring *yawns* and no I don’t really like Justin Long.

How not to love Andy Lau? ANDY LAU leh!! Hot!! *melts*

Michelle Yeoh damn cool in all these olden fighting shows.

I totally love the cast! What’s not to like about Katherine Heigl? Pretty and pretty. Josh Duhamel is drooling cute! Plus it’s a movie with a baby! Babies are awesomely adorable! I want one.

Caught this because we didn’t know what to watch. End up it was indeed the right choice. Hilarious like hell! I wanna watch it again. Like now! *Search for download source*

Funny. Cool. Old. Lol. Cast are pretty old but that’s what cool about them. Retired and Extremely Dangerous.

My favourite movie in 2010! Best HP movie ever! Now I can’t wait for part 2. The finale.

I like movies with lots of deep thinking plots. Make the whole movie look so busy. I was busy concentrating on it too. Good script.

Super duper like! Like her hair, like her big eyes, like her voice, like Pascal the chameleon, like Maximus the horse who behaves like a dog, like the entire movie!

Watched with high expectations but turned out quite a disappointment. Only great point is that Prince Caspian looked damn sexy with his facial hair. *melts*

Honestly didn’t like it. I hardly even understood the movie. Ok lah understand. Human creates new system and programs and end up taken over by them. It was quite a boring 2 hours for me 😦

So there, the few movies I caught recently. Shall watch Easy A and Legend of the Guardians this weekend. Just downloaded them 😡 Ok time to sleep. 🙂

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