Merry Christmas!

So how is everyone’s Christmas’ day so far? Had a fun time partying? Or counting down in squeezy Orchard? Or simply staying home like any other day?

Haha. I did the stay home stunt except I made dinner for my family and LA. Made spaghetti bolognese and shepherd’s pie with a simple salad.

I am of such marryable material right? Haha. And I was sick. Cough, sore throat and flu. So bad I almost wanted to give up the dinner plans. But didn’t want to call delivery so just went ahead. Faster say I’m responsible!

And great, the dinner went well. Nothing went wrong with the cooking and no one ended up with diarrhoea.

So anyway Christmas this year feels like any other normal day since there isn’t any gathering with my relatives. Besides, where can sick people go right? Not as if it’s a public holiday today then must go out. Must stay indoors and rest.

Kinda sucks though but at least I’m not alone. *bliss*

Merry Christmas people! Lots of love! Looking forward to the new year!



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