To end off 2010

2010 has been a sick bitch. Kinda hated it.

I would very much like to keep this blog filled with happy memories instead of sad and angry ones. Besides, who wanna read about unhappy stuff anyway?

When I was reading through my past entries, I realised so many times I blogged, I blogged with a facade. 2010 was a bad year. Especially the first half. Dramas, dramas and more dramas.

No doubt there were happy times. But like I said. Facade. Who will ever know what kinda unhappy moments I’ve been through except me and myself? So people should really stop judging me from my blog. I’m not always happy. And even if I’m not, I don’t see the point in telling the whole world.

So anyway, I led a dramatic 2010.

2010 was the year where I had to retake a module in school. Alone. But fortunately, with help from my girls, I managed to get a group. And yes, they are awesome friends I made at the start of the year. Sammie, Leland, Su & Ronghua. Alright, not exactly all of them are awesome. Just one wasn’t. 😡

And here I sum up significant events that completed this year.

Mummy had a knee operation.

How can I not love Chinese New Year? Good food FTW!

Spent a night at Resort World Sentosa, Festive Hotel.

Quit my part time job to concentrate on school, but those friends I’ve made, truly precious.

I cooked a lot.

Ate a lot.

Went back to the clubbing scene!

Visited USS not once, but twice!

Had lots of gatherings with different groups of friends! How can you not love them, right? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Turned 23.

Graduated. As a degree holder, babeh!

Fell sick so many times I’ve lost count.

Holidayed at the land of smiles.

Lost my eldest aunt.

Tagged along with BFF for her wedding photoshoot and I swear I almost cried looking at how happy she looked. And I wanna get married too!!

Got a blackberry!

Virgin visit to Marina Bay Sands.

Went for a short cruise!

Got hooked onto Korean variety, Running Man and Family Outing.

Jobless for 3 months =( but at least still surviving since I’m pretty low maintenance. Ha!

I can’t wait for the new year to come. Come to mama, 2011!

Let’s hope the new year brings more opportunities and open doors for my career and other aspects of life. I’m sure there will be more to anticipate in the coming year. Let’s hope I get a job. Or a license. -_- Been dragging for so long. And a new computer. New bed. New room. New house lah! Might as well right?

Alright. Let’s be practical. Nothing can go as planned if I can’t get a job. So… yup! Good luck to me.

I hope everyone stays healthy and energetic too. It’s only this year I truly realize that age is catching up and I get physically strained at times. =(

And let’s hope relations and kinship remain strong and bonded. And that Casper becomes more obedient. Stop peeing around the house! It’s not that he’s not toilet-trained but he just ‘forgets’ his toilet at times. -_-

And then I hope I stay forever 18 ok? Hope everytime I watch NC 16 movies or go into the Casino I still get checked for IC. *prays hard* Must be honoured I’m still getting checked lol!

So while I’m at a countdown party at Universal Studios Singapore right now (yes, now!), I shall end this with…

Goodbye 2010. HELLO TWO-O-ONE-ONE!!!

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