NYE Party

I’m not a crowd person and definitely don’t like countdown parties except clubbing. Why would anyone wanna squeeze with sweaty people and have difficulties getting home after?

I guess it’s fun to them.

But this time I made it an exception since LA’s got free tickets to the countdown party at Resort World Sentosa, Universal Studios!

Yes I know. Countdown party at Vivo and the beach means at least half the population is at the southern part of Singapore. That’s major overcrowding. But hey, free admission and free food. Hard to resist.

OMG epitome of auntiness. Lol.

We went really early because LA hasn’t been to RWS before. So I thought we should go tour around, at the same time have a late lunch, since the admission was only at 9pm, that means late dinner.

The globe wasn’t spinning. It was stationary there. Better to take photos eh?

Walk walk walk until nothing to see already so we had lunch. At like 4pm.

Here. Cos they served Din Tai Fung and chicken rice, which I was craving for.

Where’s my food???

This, ladies and gentlemen, cost $12.80. Twelve dollars eighty cents. I mean, it’s just chicken rice. Not like we ate it at some hotel. Luckily it tasted good.

Prawn dumpling noodles. Under DTF.

And of course the xiao long baos. Cannot miss. With lots of vinegar and in my case, without ginger slices.

I wonder how I’m gonna do my confinement in future cos I have to eat lots of ginger-related stuff.

So this was lunch.

After lunch, we toured round the hotels. And shopped at Victoria’s Secret. But no, we didn’t buy anything cos everything was overpriced.

Lake of dreams. Think they have some show here at night.

It turned dark before we knew it.

Pinhole effect.

Entrance of USS.

Tickets. Free entry + free party pack + free meal combo = happy aunty and uncle.

And so we entered after queuing for like 20 minutes. The amount of people was crazy. Didn’t expect so many people.

Queuing up to collect our party packs.

Dinner at Loui’s Pizza. I cannot resist because they have really nice pizzas and soups! Here we got a turkey pizza, chunky mushroom soup and a drink. All redeemable with the food voucher. The soup was damn good! Didn’t finish the pizza so that I could finish the soup =x

After our late dinner, we explored around. It was both our first time inside USS at night considering it usually closes at 6pm.

Took a lot of photos.

I somehow remembered Betty Boop with stick thin waist and larger head and eyes.

We went for the Shrek 4D show. I absolutely loved it. Made me feel like a kid. Plus walked around for a bit more. Took a picture with Shrek and Fiona too. I emphasize again Fiona is damn chio!!

We started moving back to the main stage to get ready for the countdown. Gosh. The crowd. And it got pretty warm after a while.

Countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Happy New Year!

At 12.01am, they had a 4-minute long display of fireworks. Nothing too fantastic though. Got it on video but lazy to upload since it wasn’t that wow.

And we left swiftly before everyone decided to leave together.

The parking fees were like 25 bucks but luckily we could claim free parking too. 😀

That was it. My considerably first countdown party. Next year, remind me to stay home and cuddle up with DVDs and chips. I would prefer it that way.



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