Looking for pretty clutches

If you ask me what I’m gonna wear for this CNY, I’m gonna say “anything from my wardrobe that is new and unworn”. Because I have tons of dresses still unworn because there simply isn’t any occasion to be wearing them. Lol.

And new shoes too. All my heels are… well… underutilized.

Now what I need is just a nice clutch bag to put all the ang baos my belongings while cny-ing.

I want big ones. So I can put more ang baos barangs. I have tons of things to bring each time I go out. Wallet, handphone, home keys, tissue paper, wet tissue, some make up for touch up, digital camera, polaroid camera (sometimes), ipod, hand lotion and whatsnot.

Get me a trolley bag cos I always carry them til my shoulder aches.

I have a few clutches, but they are more for dinner purposes.

Not too sure if I should get everything new for this CNY. Want to be pan tang also like no use since the rabbit year not exactly a good year for rabbits ourselves. Sadded.

Been searching for awhile for clutches. Some caught my eye.

Looks pretty good for a pillow too. So cushiony eh?

Huat ah! Ang ang is good luck! Thinking of getting a red clutch. But I have a red handbag still unused yet.

This Gucci clutch is damn chio lor! So class. Very nice price also.

But you know what I like best?

The big B, babeh!! One day, I shall own this!


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