It’s a Braun Buffel, babeh!

I don’t know about you guys but I really like this brand a lot. Because it’s not like super cheap or super expensive. It’s pretty affordable. And not so popular among filipinos compared to Guess.

It’s really durable too. My old Braun Buffel wallets can last me pretty long. In fact, they are still in good conditions. I just like to change wallets. =x

The ladies at home all use Braun Buffel wallets. It’s like a tradition or something.

At least I’m not crazy about Prada, Miu Miu or whatsnot. 3000 bucks for a handbag can be extravagant. If I had that money I would get a computer along with other accessories instead. But I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of getting one designer if I had extra money. My Balenciaga will be top of my list!

So I was at Paragon Metro few days ago to help my mum collect her stuff from Murad, I happened to see this wristlet that isn’t the typical card-sized wristlets. It’s bigger than card-sized wristlets but smaller than your regular handbags.

Just nice for a casual day out or for putting ang baos some cash and cards, without having the need to lug your entire wallet or bag with all other craps inside. And I can even squeeze my camera in somewhere. 😀

You see, sometimes when I go out, I don’t even bring cash. I just bring my credit card and my mobile. If I need to pay in cash, I wouldn’t buy it then. Lol. Save money!

Or let’s say, supper time. Don’t need bring all 10 of your privilege cards and 8 of your credit cards along, right? You just need cash or your ATM card if not enough cash. And maybe a packet of tissue.

How to stuff cash/ATM card with a packet of tissue and your mobile phone into a typical card-sized wristlet? End up still have to carry them separately in your hands or lug your entire bag along. Annoying right?

I like small pouches like this that allows me to put enough things inside without feeling too bulky.

And I really like the colour! Bronzey coppery colour. Very glam wor! The price also very glam. Lol. Nett price $199. Worth it?

PS. I actually have a clutch in a similar colour from I-don’t-even-remember-where. It looks almost brand new since I hardly use it. Should bang my head for wanting more bags when I have enough. But since when it’s ever enough?

PPS. I just realised I like things that start with the letter B. Burberry, Balenciaga, Blackberry, Babies. 😀


2 thoughts on “It’s a Braun Buffel, babeh!

  1. bring a pouch worth $199 go supper a bit OTT and too glam ba?? LOL!!! If it is pure leather based, prolly worth else i wouldn’t spend $199 cos I can buy loads of no-frills pouches with $199!!! Top up a bit can go BKK buy more liao!!!!! Unless you are referring to clutches more meant for dinners, night usage and all … den can consider ba!


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