What are they trying to prove?

Dog abusers, that is. Does it show their manliness or power to everyone or the abused dogs by hitting them? Trying to show the dogs who’s in charge? Who is alpha?

If you haven’t heard or seen about the hooha on Facebook about this Malaysian couple who abused their dog, you can see it here, here, here, here, and here. When I first saw the video, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the entire 15-minute long torture. Just 15 seconds into the clip, I skipped all the way to the end of it, to find out if the dog was still alive.

Honestly, my heart dropped when I saw how the man ‘handled’ the dog (I wouldn’t even call it HIS dog since no owners would bear to torture a little dog like that. Besides, the dog belonged to his girlfriend. More on that later.) I shared it on facebook, the link and the video. At the same time, Twitter was filled with numerous tweets regarding the same abuse incident.

Today, I couldn’t pretend those tweets didn’t exist any further, I logged onto Facebook and clicked on all the links that were related to the abuse. And it was as if the entire Facebook community were on a CSI mission to hunt down the monster. Facebook is amazing. Seriously. Some way or another, friends of the couple recognised them from the video that were circling around the social networking site and a few profiles were identified.

If you are curious, here are some photos of Sushi, the toy poodle who was abused, with the owner, Doreen Low. Apparently, Doreen is the girlfriend of the man who hit Sushi. I didn’t do the stalking, the other enraged facebookers did. Thankfully to them, SPCA were able to get the identities of the couple. They found photos of Doreen with the tattoo-ed man. From there, they deduced it was the same guy who abused Sushi.

Doreen with crazy boyfriend in red.

What was the abuse for, you may ask?

Just to make the dog stand on its two hind legs.

For fuck??? Dogs don’t stand on two legs. That’s the reason why they have four of them. You see us humans with two legs but standing on four meh?

Got dog stand like that one meh?

See the finger. Obviously it’s scolding Sushi! Poor Sushi seemed to be in fear.

Even when they’re outside, Sushi has to perform ‘stunts’.

Watch TV also must perform ‘stunt’? Sushi damn poor thing lah!

I know Chinese New Year coming. But don’t need to make the dog learn how to gong xi gong xi on his behalf right?

Seriously. That man has some serious issues. I watched the video a second time, but skipping part by part. Until at certain parts of the 15-minute long clip, I heard Sushi scream. Literally screaming. Heart-piercing, I tell you. And then I realised it was because the man hit Sushi real hard. At some point, he held Sushi by its two front legs in the air and whacked his hind legs. And Sushi screamed.

Not once. But a few times. It continued for a few seconds throughout the whole video.

My heart shattered. 😦

Beating your dog is NOT the way to teach it. There should never be, in any situation, physical punishment for animals in order to teach them and to let them gain their respect for you as their owner.

And what was Doreen, the owner, doing? She was filming the entire video. Why did she not try to stop the man from hitting Sushi? For God’s sake, drop the video recorder and do something to save your dog!! She equally has to face punishment for not doing anything to stop the abuse.


Animal abuse can never be tolerated!!

I seriously hope some punishment is carried upon the couple. And by punishment, I don’t mean monetary compensation. These people must be taught the hard way on how to respect animals!

– – – – –I can totally relate to this incident because of my past experience with a dog abuser. For this, I shall reveal what happened.

First of all, the dog abuser was the ex. Yes, the previous one, whom I’ve known for 10 years since secondary school. He claimed he loves dogs. But when he first hit Casper, I knew it was all lies. All bullshit! He fucking told me he was merely teaching Casper how to be a good dog. And he had to show who was the alpha.

Fuck him! Whoever is the alpha to Casper does not lie with his decision. He did not own Casper. He did not bring Casper home from the pet farm and spent years training him to be obedient. I DID! Casper IS my dog and he had no rights to self-proclaim he’s the owner too since he was with me back then.

Utter bullshit! What did he know about teaching dogs? He knew nuts and thought his method was the right one.

My Casper was a good boy, until the ex became aggressive towards him. He stared at and scolded Casper for nothing. Each time he did that, he claimed Casper was being naughty. And that he had to be taught a lesson. That is, to hit him until he’s in pain so that he will learn who’s in charge.

Gradually, Casper grew wary of the ex. Each time the ex showed signs of insanity, Casper would growl at him. And the beatings started.

It was a vicious cycle. Casper tried to defend himself, but the ex saw it as him being disobedient, he hit him, and the cycle repeats. I was afraid. Many times I cried and shouted at him to stop. But he wouldn’t. He kept on hitting Casper. When Casper tried to run away, he would pin him down and hit him again. All these while Casper was crying and screaming for help. Just like how Sushi screamed in the video. 😦

Many times, Casper would be shivering in fear at one corner, at the same time, trying to protect himself and me from any further beatings.

A few times I tried to block his blow and got hit myself.

How would I describe the pain? It was excruciating for me. The bruise stayed on for days. His back and butt area would be swollen and red from all the beatings. And the ex didn’t feel the least guilty. He would usually end up angrier than before.

The beatings got worse. The ex didn’t stop even when my mum and sister intervened. He had no respect for either of my family members. Not even for me.

Even some friends of mine have seen how he hit Casper. None of their pleads could stop him either.

All those while witnessing him hit Casper and despite my countless times of trying to stop him, things didn’t get better. I had no idea why did I even stay on with him. It was the craziest relationship I had. So crazy until I considered giving Casper up for adoption thinking that it would be best for the relationship. 😦

I kept having the mentality that he was gonna treat Casper the right way soon. Really soon.

Eventually, it was a relationship that wasn’t worth holding on to. He tried to hold me back, with lots of apologies for his behaviour towards the whole relationship and Casper, but I just could not forgive him anymore.

I can never forget how I held Casper close to me and slept in fear while he was sleeping in the same room.

Everyone who knew about my plight scolded me for being stupid. Even I myself knew I was stupid. And I blame myself for letting Casper go through the trauma back then.

Now that it’s in the past, I still can’t bring myself to forget the whole incident. Each time I see news of animal abuse, those scary memories haunt me once again. I can’t forgive him, despite how I once loved him before. But like I said, that was in the past.

I think he still reads my blog. I want to say… You have caused hurt to me, Casper and my family. “Sorry” doesn’t even have that enough power to remove the pain you’ve brought to us. Just hope that you live your life well and treat people the way you want them to treat you.

4 thoughts on “What are they trying to prove?

  1. ya lah of cos u get chided frm us friends lah! if me, i would have hit him back, make him bleed and chase him out of e hse if he ever dare touch a fur of my boy! i ban bf’s relative totally when all he did was jus a small pushing n scolding bb stupid loh! i cannot take it de hahaha maybe too overboard for me to behave liddat but he is my ‘son’, i take care of him myself! no way anyone can scold or touch him!

    u shld have recorded his behaviour n sue him! i would have totally report him to SPCA n police and shame him for e rest of his life! abusers shld rot in hell!


    1. I felt like I 对不起 my friends for advising me what to do but end up I still so stupid ignore them. Make Casper suffer. =( Must really thank you all for everything! Now I’ve moved on and Casper is so much happier haha at least he doesn’t need to suffer physical pain.

      You damn fierce also lor. If my relative bully Casper, I’d probably stay away from them only. It’s never too overboard to be overprotective of our furkids. =)


  2. He is just a bastard! A total jerk that should be castrated!

    We shall hope that his new gf will abuse him. Best to hit him at his groin and make him scream and whine. Nana is right. You should have video it down and sue him. Where got people give gifts and demand it back. LOSER!

    Whenever you talk about him, I will grow mad with you…


    1. I don’t care about him or his life anymore. No need to bother about someone who almost ruined my life. Just feel sorry for him and his friends who have to tolerate his behaviour.

      Wanna sue also should sue earlier. Now no use right?


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