I’m still alive! Just very busy. Busy until want sleep also cannot sleep. Have tons to do at work and home but no extra time. Tsk! Can only blog when I’m on the way home. And honestly nothing much to say even though there’s quite a lot to say. My brain is just damn messed up now, so, FML.

By the time I reach home and have dinner, I have to sleep soon. That explains my weight gain. FML * 2.

And ending work late also means having lesser personal time. Boyfriend, family, Casper, and myself. FML * 3.

But but but… I’m actually pretty excited about work despite how busy it gets. Gotta settle a lot of stuff.

This week is gonna be work and preparation for Kaixin’s hen’s night party. Sabotage sabotage sabotage!!

PS. I’m blogging on the bus from my phone with a drunkard sitting beside me. I swear the smell of beer on her make a cow drunk. FML * 4.


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