Welcome to working life!

Ok so I’ve been working for awhile now. Not part time, not freelance but full-fucking-time and a permanent job. I foresee I might continue working for the rest of my life till retirement, just like everyone else, except those lucky people who tio peh pio or married someone rich or I don’t know found money on the floor and don’t need to work anymore.

Work is fun. Like pretty satisfying considering I’ve only started for such a short time.

BUT it’s one annoyance at work that makes me damn sian to go to work.

Like every morning I wake up and the image of having to go through the same situation again makes me wanna puke. If only I can feign sickness and skip work. Or maybe I can pull a stunt like this particular colleague with an eye infection and enjoy the long weekend.

Yes, I have an issue with my colleague!

I choose to leave certain things out from this blog in case some people reads it. I don’t know who, probably some stalkers, will read this space.

I do have another blog that I jot down all my rantings about this particular colleague. She’s driving me and everyone else at work C-R-A-Z-Y! FML, people!

How can anyone be mentally stupid, physically retarded and verbally irritating all at one time?

I’m not even referring to the backstabbing kinda people you meet at work. This girl, with her special abilities, is just the very one who will force you to pull your hair and want to literally force a knife down her back and then slit your own throat after.

Very very FML!

Anyone who wants to read the other blog about her, you know my number, msn, twitter and whatsoever.

For now, I’m happy with my job. So, peace and love everybody! *in Barbarella voice*


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