Why public holidays so short?

Been having several days off from work due to the public holidays during this period. It’s a pretty good year so far considering the PH all fall on the right days. Haha.

But. Why public holidays so short one? And so little only. Should make it at least 2 every month, no? More like a reward for us workers slogging out lives away to have enough savings and money to be kept in our CPF to buy a roof to shelter our heads.

Ah… The elections are here. First timer here! Yoohoo! Haven’t really bothered much about the GE when I was younger but when I grow a lil, I start to worry about my financial ability whether being able to keep up for future purposes. Say, buying a HDB flat by 30 years old and having a 30-year loan to keep up with.

Probably by the time I cleared my debts to HDB I would be left with almost nothing for retirement. Haha.


To be in a country where everything is expensive. Expenses are high and NO ONE is helping. Why am I not born rich? Or why am I not born under the LEE family? Lol.

Oh well.

The GE is gonna be on 7 May, this coming Saturday. You know the best thing about this Saturday? Yours truly’s birthday! I’m gonna turn 24. Fml. That’s 2 rounds the chinese horoscope.

I am not glad I’m turning 24 nor that GE is gonna be on my birthday. Like I have to spend my birthday queuing up to get my vote done. Thankfully the voting station is just next block. And then hopefully not many people are queuing so I can proceed with my birthday plans after that.

The best birthday gift would be the party that I vote for wins.

Then ho seh liao!

Ok I know it’s a wordy post without pictures. Soon soon. Will blog about Melaka (with pictures, backdated 1 month some more). Now let me get back to work. Must work hard and pray for a pay raise haha.

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