MBS for my annual 21st

As mentioned in my previous post, LA brought me to MBS for my birthday.

There wasn’t any extravagant candle light dinner or 1-carat diamond as birthday gift cos I didn’t want them. Just the 2 of us having some quality time together is more than enough.

The most looked-forward part of the stay was actually the visit to the skypark. I had to borrow my sister’s GF1 to complete the entire sight-seeing package.

I must say, Singapore does look really pretty at night. Though for sure there are many other pretty night scenes in other countries. But for a free trip up to MBS’ skypark, it’s not bad lah.

Public has to pay 20 bucks to visit the skypark. Better than taking the SG Flyer.

Damn crowded! No empty seats at all =(

Hot ang moh chick on the tanning bed with her friends.

And no, I didn’t swim or dip in the pool!!

LA injured his leg days before the stay so we couldn’t get into the pool for fear of getting his wound wet. Next time!! I swear I will go dip in the pool!

So one side of the skypark was the pool. The other side was merely for sight-seeing and scaring yourself.

The thought of being high up thrilled me. But it didn’t take too long to turn this excitement to paranoia.

As you all know how the skypark looks like. One end of it is practically ‘hanging’ in the air cos there’s no infrastructure supporting the bottom of it. So if someone happens to fall over, he/she plunges 50+ stories down.

So the thought of that, did scare me for a bit.

I had an awful image of the whole skypark was like the sinking Titanic.

FML. So when we were at the very tip of the ‘ship’, I got paranoid when the crowd all gathered there. No one knows if the weight will bring the ‘ship’ down.

Ya ok. I’m afraid of heights.

Click to enlarge.

I had no idea that photoshop has this function to merge my photos. I happened to take photo of every angle from the top and found a few photos that can be merged as one. So I played around with PS and tadah! Panorama effect!

Damn shiok.

Don’t see background like not many people. Everyone was at the front, where the tip is. I paranoid, didn’t want to add on to the weight so I stood inside a bit. Haha.

If I ever stay in a penthouse, I will pose myself crazy everyday! Haha.

The only part that didn’t excite me was the crowd. It was DAMN crowded. =( Kinda spoilt the fun when everywhere you go are rowdy and loud foreigners. I bet these people went up to the skypark to ogle at girls in bikinis. And what will spoil the place even more? Kids that run and scream and annoy every paying guests there!

Should limit the amount of people at the skypark.

Other than that, it was pretty relaxing since it was the weekend. Instead of nua-ing at home snuggling up in bed watching movies, we were at this huge room with a huge bed and big-enough TV.

King bed! With fluffy pillows!

Nice couch which ended up as a luggage area.

Study area. I like study areas with mirrors. For the narcissistic me.

The big-enough TV. TV was airing the royal wedding.

Damn boring leh. I don’t understand why people wanna make it like it’s their business. So what if Kate has a very nice wedding dress? You see people get married wear lok lok meh? Dress nice means very expensive. Commoners cannot afford it.

That night of my birthday, we were both tucked into bed watching the elections results. Haha. I know. How anti-climax. But the results were more important than growing older for another year since it’s a once-every-5-years thingy.

Huge bathroom!

Two sinks!! I like! No need to snatch.

I really hope my future house has room for 2 sinks. Haha. For the fun of it.


Just nice for me.

I always wonder how do ang mohs fit into bathtubs of this size.

We had dinner at the chinese restaurant at the hotel lobby. Simple dinner for 2 of us. I figured that it wasn’t worth having fine dining when I’m a fussy eater.

Then after dinner, we went up to the skypark again to take night shots. And ya lah, to play with the camera. Makes my heart damn itchy to get a GF2. Anything my sister has, I must have too. Hahaha. And must be better.

Ok lah. She earns more, so I lose. Can only borrow from her.

Lesser people during the night. Like very romantic hor.


Damn swee lah!

Red wine.

Not complimentary from the hotel. We brought it from home. Haha.

Talking about red wines, LA is a wine drinker. No Martell, no Hennessy. He’s either beer or wine. His fridge is full of red wine and champagne. OMG. I swear half of it is occupied with these bottles while the other half are groceries.

What’s in my fridge? I should do up a post haha. But it will bore everyone. Cos I don’t have anything in mine since we hardly cook. We do have lots of Coke though. Nothing but Coke.



We bought a mini cake from one of the cake shops at the lobby cos I didn’t want to end up wasting the cake. Very sayang to throw cakes away.

It was probably the first time I teared while celebrating my birthday. LA sang the birthday song and I started tearing. Damn paiseh. Haha. But yea lah, damn gan dong can!

He took photos of me red-eyed and all but those photos will never be shown.

Happy birthday to me! Hope I stay forever young!! 🙂


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