Loving this June

I was confirmed at my job recently. A colleague of mine has not. And got a slight pay increment. Counting down to pay day already.

Every weekend has been lived to the fullest. Considering the hectic weekdays LA and I have, we hardly have time to meet up. So when the weekends come, we plan it fully.

Had a dog’s meeting (finally!) 2 weekends ago. Casper meets Noel. We had an impromptu plan to bring our dogs out to Yishun Dam.

2 words. Needs grooming.

2 words. Very handsome.

2 words. Ha ha.

Plus lots of suppers with the same gang at Simpang or Thomson. It’s like I feel I travel to the east more than the west now. It’s usually a big group of us hanging out at Simpang for supper (maggi goreng!) or recently we visited the new pool place at Punggol. With prawning facilities too. Been there once. Froze our asses off at the billard centre. Will try prawning soon!

This Friday is Emily’s wedding gown fitting. The whole lot of us (like 5 of us haha) are gonna go show ‘support’. Haha more like go kpo. But OMG the bridal shop she went has so MANY PRETTY GOWNS!! *heart itchy* Wanna go have wedding photoshoot also but maybe I do it alone cheaper? Hahaha.


But it really takes a tall and slim person to bring out those curves.

Emily and Mao’s big day is on the 30th of August! Can’t wait! She’s managed to psycho us to dance on her wedding night. FM and the girls’ Lives. We have absolutely no idea how to get the dance moves choreographed. Lol.

Plus the couple has DIY-ed some stuff for their guests. It’s such a sweet yet time-consuming gesture cos everything is done by hand! Includes cutting and decorating and pasting of nice pieces of papers. Like scrapbooking, except it’s done for hundreds of guests.


It’s coincidental that some of us have gotten new jobs or are looking for new jobs. All about growing up, I guess? Moving to greener pastures blah blah blah.

This coming Saturday, LA and I are gonna catch the Lion King Musical! Been wanting to catch it earlier but somehow it got delayed til now. But I’m glad we are finally gonna watch it.

Somehow I don’t want this June to end so quickly cos it seems it has been a pretty good month for me. Something more worth looking forward to this weekend? CRABS! Black pepper crabs from House of Seafood!! My cravings never stop.


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