August, please come slower.

July is almost half way and August is coming. Too fast too furious.

Had our first meeting at Mao’s place for his and Emily’s wedding rehearsal. Met the brother/sister gang. Lydia, Amanda, Sim Chuan and I will be their dancers for the night. Fuck. Our. Lives.


We have to dance during their march-in. I told the girls, “Please make me drunk!” so that I can dance without worrying about making a fool of myself since I wouldn’t be sober enough to know haha.

Excited yet anxious about that night. It has been a rather popular thing to get a group of dancers or usually the bride and groom’s friends to dance as a introduction. Quite common in overseas though but seeing how spontaneous the couple is, we all agreed.

I hope no one trips and fall or have a torn dress by the end of the dance. LA damn smart to not participate so he will be just sitting comfortably at our table and enjoy the show.

I am psyched about this coming weekend! Got a free night stay at Hard Rock Hotel, RWS. Have been to RWS countless of times but first time staying at HRH. Will take loads of photos.

Next next weekend, Night Safari! Thanks to the cheap deal we found. I haven’t been to the night safari in at least a decade. The last I remembered there was nothing to see cos the animals were sleeping. And no flash photography allowed. Hmmm…

Last weekend of July will be Emily’s hen’s nite! Sabo time! Woots!

And I’m not looking forward to August at all. BIG hole in pocket! 😦

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