We are as nocturnal as they are

Visited the Night Safari, after many years from the last time I went, with LA and the group. All thanks to Deal.com.sg for the cheap deal, we paid only half the usual price for entry. All 10 of us went. The best thing was we had a personal tour guide, Emily, who was working at the Zoo!

This was half the among of people queuing to get tickets for that night. Night Safari is DAMN happening!

But since we already got our tickets, all we had to do was enter without queuing.

First of all, it was dark. Second, no flash photography allowed since the flash would cause disturbance to the animals. But there were still plenty of stupid people who didn’t understand “No flash photography”.

So many times we had to remind these strangers that they should turn their camera flashes off.



Porcupines. Poke die us.


We managed to complete most of the trails on foot and got in time for the animal show.

But since we were one of the very last few, we got the furthest seats and none of the pictures turned out good.

After the animal show, we caught the tram ride.

Because it was constantly moving, it wasn’t easy to capture animal photos. Plus the low lighting condition. Photos turned out blur.

At least you can tell this is a photo of the lions. *Roar*

The night ended shortly after the tram ride. We made our way to the souvenir shop.

Loads of plushies but damn expensive =(

LA super happy to see the plushies in all different shapes and sizes.

Penguin on cap.

This is supposedly a polar bear.


Tigers! All so freaking cute!

Black bear.

And of cos, the lioness. Girl power ya!


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