Officially moving!

Took leave on last Friday and today to enjoy a super long weekend pack my house.

For the past month, my family has been pretty busy packing, throwing whatever we can, and moving certain stuff to a temporary place while we allow a major makeover to take place.

My house, where I’ve lived for at least 22 years, is going through a major revamp soon! Or rather, the 1st of September. It’s gonna last at least 6 weeks or so. During this time, I’ll be staying temporary with my grandma with my parent and Casper. My sister will be staying with my aunt who lives nearer to our current home and also her work site.

I’m actually moving over tonight. Kinda excited cos I get to spend some time with my grandma and she wouldn’t have to be alone (though I think she kinda likes her privacy haha). My grandma has 2 spare rooms. Just nice for me and my parents. But NO INTERNET! Has made arrangements to go set up internet there for the time being but the fastest I will have access is on the 3rd of September. But I’ll be at Batam this weekend. So that means, no internet for 5 days. FML. Can do minor email checking, facebooking and tweeting though.

The fact that we’re leaving this place for almost 2 months kinda saddens me. I feel homeless for a moment. There goes my purple walls. But fret not, I’m gonna still get a purple theme for my room! Can’t wait for the results!! It’s gonna be a classy, modern and simplistic theme for the entire house. And of course, I get to choose the colour for my own room. What excites me is I’m gonna get a platform for my new bed! Woots!

Halfway through the packing, we actually realised that we didn’t take any photos before the packing of our house. -_- WTF! How to compare before and after? If I were to take photos now, it would probably look like a battlefield – with tons of cartons here and there and some old furniture already thrown away.

But here is an rough idea of how my house looks like now. =D

The hall (with many old furniture such as cabinets, cupboards, tv console, coffee table, shelves etc all cleared. Only left sofa and tons of cartons for storage.)

My room. Bed frame, boxes of stuff, clothes, bags, and items inside chest of drawers all cleared. And goodbye to my purple walls (which I’ve hand-painted them myself). You can see that I’m literally sleeping beside Casper.

Most of our stuff have already been packed into cartons, preparing to be transported to storage. I’m just afraid that I’ve not taken enough clothes to last me for 2 months or that I’ve stored certain things that I might need in these 2 months.


It’s only until I’m packing my house for a renovation then I know we have so many things. And questions like “When did we get this?”, “Whose is this?”, “Buy this for what?” came up when we packed.

Goodbye, home. *sob* I’ll see you in 2 months’ time!

PS. I must not forget to bring Casper along. Haha.


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