We like the Hard Rock style!

Spent a night at Hard Rock Hotel in July (didn’t even realize this post is 2 months too late lol).

Since we’ve been to Festive Hotel before, we tried Hard Rock this time.

And I prefer HRH than FH. Because the room was purple! Plus a bit of orange. Orange and purple matches so well I cannot describe how I felt upon checking in.

But the only problem was the check-in took way too long. We waited almost 2 hours for our room despite booking in advance. Why ah Hard Rock Hotel?

Purple walls, purple pillows. Made my day 🙂

The Police when they were young. Totally not my era.

The Police. Present. They look better old. Haha.

Frosted glass separates the bathroom and the room. And full length mirror for camwhoring!

Neat table with huge TV. I like it when they have a mirror at the desk for me to do my makeup.

Couch by the window. Pool view.

Nice pillows but don’t dare to hug too much. Never know if they are washed regularly.

Pantry. Purple mugs. Need I say more?

Standing shower. No bath tub. In this case, Festive suite wins cos they have bath tub. Or rather, their toilet is huge.

Sink area. Super hollywood style mirror eh!

Yeah! Rock and roll baby! Almost wanted to steal the guitar toiletries holder home. So nice!

Not too long after, LA’s sister and brother-in-law popped by to see the room. And we had fun taking photos of his baby nephew, Alzvier.

Why you so cute huh? Cheeks so chubby, eyes so big!

Scary uncle trying to terrify the little one. Tsk tsk.

Jzavier and daddy looking out at the pool while Alzvier can only try to flip himself over.

“Alzvier, look here! Jiu jiu take photo!”

Jzavier and Alzvier (and guitar toiletries holder I wanna kope)!

Mickey polaroid 🙂

Soon, we headed out for dinner with LA’s family.

HRH lift. Shimmering crystal ling-longs. Blinding.

Jzavier grabbed LA’s hand and walked. Like own father like that.

Met up with his parents at Crockfords Tower for dinner at Feng Shui Inn.

Food damn nice.

French beans with minced meat.

I don’t really know whether it’s called French beans. I learn vegetables names from the market. It’s 四季豆. Not the usual long beans.

Fried bee hoon.

Claypot sea cucumber.

Funny that this cucumber is completely different from the green cucumber.

Salad prawn with strawberries.

I actually dislike strawberries but I’m starting to learn to eat them. Start slow ya. Like eat cubes first, then slices. Next time I will eat it whole.

Steam tofu with scallops! Damn shiok the scallop. With those deep fried crispy thingy on top. 3 types of texture on a plate.

And this chicken. Can’t remember what’s the name but chicken very tender. Just a tad too salty. Best to go with rice 🙂

After dinner, we hurried down to watch the crane show. The kids wanted to watch so we went along.

Just a short 5 minute show with lots of lighting and water effects and of course the main is the crane infrastructure.

Both cranes awoke and they go through some Romeo & Juliet kinda love story.

Except it’s a happy ending. Muacks. Kthxbye.

Like uncle like nephew.

When Jzavier was a baby, he looked exactly like LA when he was a baby.

Both also mischievous. Lol.

We returned to our room for the night while his sister went home with the kids and his parents went back to the casino.

We spent the night watching movies on TV. The Pandora Box was showing. Stupid show but LA enjoyed it so much. I watched it before and found it stupid. And I watched it again. -_-

The next day, we checked out and went for lunch at Palio at Hotel Michael.

Our second time there. My third, in fact. Was there once with my bosses to meet up with some clients from RWS for work purposes. That’s how I know of this place and intro-ed to LA.

I love how they serve up freshly-baked homemade bread.

Olive oil and lots of vinegar. Best! Eat bread alone also shiok.

I have no idea what the name is since everything looked VERY foreign to us. Had to read the fine description and get the waiter to explain. Haha. Nobody knows Italian when they were born. It’s some mushroom and veal pasta lah.

I don’t eat (cherry) tomatoes so those were given to LA.

This is LA’s fish meal. Haha goodness I cannot even pronounce the names of the dishes, let alone remember them. But this is GOOD! I totally ditched my pasta to kope his.

We ordered a Tiramisu to share. Wah shiok. Very very shiok. I’m not really a dessert person but this is really nice.

And that concludes our stay at Hard Rock Hotel, Resort World Sentosa. 🙂

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