Once a millionaire in Batam

Had a short 2D1N trip to Batam earlier this month with the group and LA. Cheap deal. Only paid $68 for the ferry, accommodation, lunch and day tour, excluding taxes and miscellaneous expenses.

If you asked me, I would say the day tour was a total waste of time. But because it came with the deal, we just went with it.

Early in the morning at Harbourfront Centre. Long queue at almost every ferry agency.

Checked in, collected our tickets and went for breakfast at KFC. A.M. platter for LA and A.M. porridge with no spring onions for me 🙂

I haven’t been to Batam in years.

Our ferry that we took the upper deck front row seats. Can watch movie some more. Andy Lau, why you so sexy??

The ride took about 45 minutes. I believed I slept and LA was ipad-ing all the way. Tiny Tower addiction.

We arrived at the ferry terminal and had to queue up to get our passports chopped. I guess working at the custom sucks cos you are stuck in your small cubicle and all you do is chop, chop, chop. Brainless. But someone has got to do it. Oh well.

Upon arrival, the tour guide briefed us on the arrangement and stuff. Quite a sweet young Indo-Chinese lady named Florence who could speak Mandarin and English.

Us on the bus. We were one of the last few to board the bus, that’s why we got the last few rows. And look at our rupiah! That’s just part of it. I’ve been a millionaire. Now I wanna be a billionaire! So fucking bad.

Since we were stuck with the tour, we had to follow the tour schedule. We were starving when we reached but due to some delay at the custom, our lunch was delayed. Florence brought us to the first stop, Batam Layer Cakes. Lol. Kueh Lapis, rather.

Not fantastic. We didn’t get any. But the rest on the tour group did. Typical aunties and uncles.

Next up, we had lunch at this Golden Prawn 933 restaurant. I came here the last time I was in Batam too. But since it was a tour this time, the food was somewhat arranged beforehand.

Fish was ok. Totally skipped the shell thingy and prawns shrimps. Soup was just fishball soup with vermicelli.

Rice was soggy. Veggie and fried cuttlefish was good. Crabs didn’t taste like crabs.

That was our lunch.

After lunch, Florence brought us to the factory outlet store for shopping.

Nothing fancied us though. Branded apparels and accessories to the locals but factory rejects to us. All the tags were cut off.

There were countless imitations in Batam. LV, Gucci, Hermes, Prada and the list goes on.

Next stop was to the massage parlour which I deem it indecent to a certain extent. The masseuse wore skimpy uniforms. Mini skirts, I may add. They literally sit on you when they massage you so just imagine what you see when they do that. The idea of having physical contact with their private areas turned me off big time.

And the fact that they can’t speak much English, it was hard to communicate with them. They couldn’t understand words like softer, pain, ticklish, etc.

We were monkeying around before the massage started. When it started, I swore never to go back again.

Never mind that it didn’t make me feel more relaxed or rejuvenated, it made me ached even more badly than I already was. And the massage oils they used gave me rashes. Fuck.

Not just that. I opted for all of us to have couple rooms so that we could see each other and not feel insecure with just one person in a room. And probably it allowed the masseuse to chat among themselves since there were 2 of them in each room. And the way they made eye contact just made the whole massage extremely uncomfortable. Especially LA’s masseuse.

Their massage procedure wasn’t consistent either. Some of us were made to strip to our both inner wear while some were stripped to undies. Why like that?

One word. Dodgy.

Bad experience.

Anyway after the massage, we went for a quick shopping trip at the nearest shopping mall. We spent almost a million bucks at the supermarket.

Our loot for the night.

And we haven’t even checked in the hotel yet. Lol.

We were then brought to the hotel at about 7pm to check in. I was itching so badly on my body I had to take a shower before heading for dinner.

Hotel Mercure. Pretty nice and has free wifi at the lobby. And accommodation was included in the $68 that we paid.

Checked-in, put our bags down, showered and off we went for dinner at Nagoya Hill.

Took 2 taxis down that cost us 30,000 rupiah each. Seems like really cheap but the distance was less than a 5-minute drive. But oh well.

Dinner was at Happiness restaurant. Hahaha must be happy after eating.

Kang Kong Belachan, Salted Egg Prawns, Strawberry Chicken and Sweet Sour Fish.

The Kang Kong was so good we ordered 2 more plates after we cleared the first. Damn shiok.

My lime juice and LA’s strawberry shake. Yucky. And it was some Claypot Tofu that came pretty late. They even missed out one dish that we cancelled in the end.

It was more shopping after dinner. We didn’t stay out too late cos we had plans to stay in the room to drink and play some games.

We played Saboteur. Exciting! And I guess since we weren’t experts in this game, we made up our own rules as we played along. Haha.

Everybody was pretty knocked up by 2am or so.

The next day, we woke up just in time to head for the breakfast buffet provided. Free wifi at the buffet area too!

Quite an ok spread for the morning. Fried bee hoon was so good I’m craving for it now. And quite a lot of condiments for the porridge.

I’m a porridge person when comes to breakfast buffet so I must have porridge! 😀

Back to the room for last few rounds of drinking and games before checking out.

Had to take pictures of the room. Very nice room considering the amount we paid.

Pool view. Not bad lah.

We left our luggages at the concierge before heading back to Nagoya Hill for lunch and more shopping.

Despite us having quite a heavy breakfast, we all still had A&W for lunch just because we haven’t had them in a long time since it closed in SG. Someone bring A&W back in Singapore!!!

I still had so much rupiah with me I had to spend it. So the girls and I bought lingerie from the departmental store there. Cheap, but not very cheap also. But at least, I used up some rupiah.

And some last minute grocery shopping at the supermarket again. This time we lugged 2 boxes of instant noodles to split among us. It cost us about $8 per box of 40 packets of noodles.

We merely paid $2 each for 10 packets of instant noodles.

You can never go hungry in Batam. 😉

Went back to the hotel to collect our luggages and other loot before cabbing down to the ferry terminal.

The ferry was to take us back at around late evening. Slept in the ferry again while LA ipad-ed. How is it possible to stay awake during the ferry ride?

That concludes our short weekend getaway. Goodbye to millionairedom. We’ll be back for more soon.

More pictures up in Facebook.


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