Dreams, Y U NO sweeter a bit?

Was just telling my colleague, Jessie, two days ago that I dream frequently, thus resulting in a very tired me at work the next day. It’s either I get insomnia or I get dreams that play like a marathon in my head while asleep.

Told her that I often dream of crocodiles, ghosts and people running after me trying to kill me. Then suay lor. Last night I dreamt again.

Dreamt about crocodiles again! Or alligator? I don’t know. I couldn’t tell.

Anything in the reptile family creeps me out badly. Snakes, lizards, crocs. I shudder even at the thought of it. Goosebumps all over. No, baby crocs don’t make things better. It’s even more effective than listening to ghost stories.

Googled the meaning of dreaming of crocodiles/alligators.

To dream of alligators or crocodiles may mean that there is something of great power lurking just below the surface of your unconscious mind. They may represent a “hidden danger,” or manipulation and deception (think of crocodile tears).

Dreaming of alligators or crocodiles may be drawing your attention to an aspect of yourself that you’ve been afraid to face.

When an alligator or crocodile appears in your dream, you can be sure that they have something important to share; whether it’s facing a personal fear, confronting a difficult situation, or accepting that you are connected to a tremendous source of power.

What are my dreams telling me exactly?

I don’t really care. I just wanna have a good sleep! *sulk*


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