Officially Mr and Mrs Mao

After BFF Kaixin’s wedding, Terence and Emily were the next in my friend list to get hitched.

We were really excited about her wedding, since the day Terence proposed.

Here’s the proposal montage we prepared for the newly weds. A surprise video for them during the dinner. Terence gathered our help and planned the proposal. Armed with camera and video camera, we were ready to piece all these snippets into a memorable moment for these 2 lovelies.

Their wedding day was on 30 August 2011. It was a public holiday that day so it was perfect for us to attend their church ceremony and then still have time to prepare for the dinner. We had to rehearse for the dance moves. More on that later.

It was a pretty rushing period for me, with the house-packing and house-moving and temporarily locating to Grandma’s place. Barely had enough time to rest and the cycle repeats.

The night before, LA helped to move my stuff to Grandma’s before both of us headed to his place so that the next morning we could head out together to the church.

On our way =)

Luckily we were early and managed to get parking lots. Amanda, Sim Chuan and Lydia came shortly after.

Emily hand-made bookmarks and paper roses to give the guests as door gifts. How very thoughtful of her. 🙂

Us girls with the prettiest bride! Emily is wearing the dress that I liked! Looked awesome on her!

We got seated and waited for the ceremony to begin.

I must say every details were planned and decided very carefully. Colour schemes, types of flowers, types of setting, clothes and hair and whatsnot. The bridal shop was really meticulous in making sure everything looked perfect together.

Terence waiting extremely impatiently. He kept looking at the door and even told the pastor to quickly start. Lol.

Emily walking down the aisle with her daddy.

What a touching moment. I’ve seen fathers crying while handing their daughter’s hand to their son-in-law. *sob*

Exchanging their wedding bands after their vows.

After the ceremony, there were photo taking. They even planned our a sequence for the photoshoot. Groom’s family, bride’s family, groom’s colleagues, bride’s colleagues, school mates and so on.

Camwhoring while waiting for our turns to have our pictures taken with the bride and groom.

The lunch was bento set. Very interesting to have bentos provided for the guests instead of the usual buffet. And the food was pretty good. No pictures cos we were too hungry to snap pictures haha. Desserts were mini cupcakes and tartlets. Must have cost a bomb!

LA and I had to leave early cos I had to go back to Grandma’s to unpack my stuff and prepare for the dinner.

We reached early for the rehearsal.

Despite the ulu location of the ballroom, I was still appalled by the set up provided by the hotel. A combination of 3 ballrooms together, it gave them ample space for their amount of tables and also for the dancers (*gasp* us!) to march in.

The colour scheme so pretty!!!

We had a quick run through for the dance segment. We didn’t rehearse much before the wedding. With only 2 meet ups, we had to remember the dance moves that Emily choreographed herself. The meetups were probably 2 weeks before the wedding, with no other rehearsal in between. So, imagine how we conveniently forgot the dance steps.

Everyone was in the “I look at you, you look at me” situation. Lol.

We came up with funny terms to remember the moves. Like “po pi po pi, dig hole, chelli chelli, cowboy, 1 2 3 4 2 2 3 4” and so on. Haha it was really funny.

Their special wedding cake comprises of cupcakes instead.

I shall skip the pictures of the dancers doing their march-in dance moves. It was fun but embarrassing! A total of 15 of us and we had to dance 2 by 2. So that was a lot of attention given. FOLs.

The fact that we were gonna openly throw our faces in public kinda scared us a little so some of us actually downed beer and wine before the march-in. Luckily, it calmed us down a little.

Terence and Emily marching in as per normal. But towards the stage, they started dancing.

And eventually we did a mass dance together on stage.


We were actually very afraid that the 2 of them would lose balance and fall off the stage. Or that we would knock off the cake table or fall on our faces.

Thank God all went smoothly. No one tripped or pulled a muscle or tore their dresses.

The usual cake-cutting and champagne-popping carried on during the dinner.

And the newly weds giving a speech.

The food was pretty good. It was also pretty expensive for each table too. The door gifts were essence oils.

Me, Shiyun (Terence’s cousin/emcee/dancer), Amanda and Lydia.

LA and I. I was wearing a convertible dress from Tracyeinny. Bare back 😉

That’s us at our table after the dinner.

We had more photos taken by the photographer of the day. Shall wait for Emily to post them onto facebook 🙂

I wish Terence and Emily a blissful marriage and everlasting love!

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