Someone is in his late 20s!

I find it extremely amusing that LA is in his late 20s. 27, to be exact. Lol. I am glad his maturity increases with age and we find ourselves discussing issues that real adults will talk about.

That aside, this post is dedicated to him. Super duper late cos the fact that I haven’t been updating regularly and I try to update on the latest activities in our lives, so his birthday post got pushed back and back. Until I gradually forgot. My bad.

The planning for his birthday really gave me a big headache. I had a budget to work with since LA wouldn’t want me to spend too much.

There were certain criteria to take note of.

1. What to eat? Must be something different yet not too expensive.

2. Where? The hotel and restaurant for his birthday must be nearby cos we had to get his car parked and travel by foot (must claim complimentary parking ma!).

3. What cake and present to get? I want something that he likes from the bottom of his heart.

4. Who to be involved? LA mentioned he doesn’t like surprises like what the clique did to any of us having birthdays. So I kept it low even though the gang did want to have dinner together. But birthday boy has the final say. Lol. Besides, he said he just wanted to spend it with me. *shy*

5. How to make it a surprise? BIGGEST headache ever. I had to keep everything a secret. Which hotel, what we eating, where we going etc.

I wasn’t much of a planner. The usual things I plan would be “What to have for lunch and dinner today?” and sometimes if I want, I might just plan for the next day as well. It frustrates me a lot when my plans don’t go as planned. So I just give up on planning certain things after a while.

Luckily his birthday, 20 August, fell on a Saturday so it was perfect!

LA kinda forced me into revealing where we’d be going. I told him Mount E and he guessed it immediately. No fun.

And we went to York Hotel.

The morning that we left from my place, I was so afraid I would forget to bring something. And that feeling didn’t go off until we reached the hotel.

Hotel booking, check. Clothes, check. Toiletries, check. Camera, check. What exactly did I miss out?

As LA reversed into the parking lot at the hotel, I recalled!


It was still in the freezer at home! Damn it! I started panicking and he suggested going back to take but we were already there and it was almost time to check in. So I thought maybe we could get a cake later during dinner instead.


I tried not to think about it so much. What happened to me? What was I thinking? How could I have missed out the cake? Oh Em Gee!

*huge sigh*

We checked in pretty quickly. Small cosy little hotel but with spacious room situated in Orchard. And definitely friendly to your wallet. Quiet too. Not exactly along the busy roads of Orchard and near to crowded malls. But walkable to numerous shopping malls.

The room was one on a high floor which I requested for. And it was really spacious. Like lots of walkway around the bed area.

We just relaxed and snuggled in bed watching TV and ipading while waiting for our stomachs to growl.

Very comfortable.

LA’s present to himself. Bought it at the airport so it was cheaper.

And no, he didn’t find Angry Birds addictive enough haha.

The usual. Camwhoring.

Hungry already.

We went for early dinner. Took a 5-minute walk to Paragon where I planned to dine there.

I brought him to Soup Restaurant since he hasn’t tried it before and we both love chinese food.

Like so busy checking emails and stuff.

I decide on what to eat most of the time haha so it wasn’t any different this time round. He would usually let me choose what I want too so no conflict on that.

Samsui ginger chicken. A must-have at Soup Restaurant.

I don’t eat ginger, LA does so the ginger was all his. 😀

Pork rib soup.

Baby spinach with 3 types of eggs. My favourite type of vegetable with 3 eggs, cooked with super nice broth.

Very 下饭!I could just eat this alone with a bowl of rice.

I am craving for it while typing. *hint hint LA*

We were glad we had dinner early because the restaurant started to get crowded halfway through. And also cos I planned to have supper.

After dinner, we just walked around a bit to digest. Bought snacks and beer for the night. Can drink and then concuss on the comfy bed.

And when we got back to the room, I then realised WE DIDN’T GO BUY A REPLACEMENT CAKE TO CUT!

*bang head*

I seriously need to set reminders for everything I planned.

Pek chek. End up the next plan was to just cut it when we get home the next day.

So I was purely greedy that night. I wanted to try their hotel food so not too long after dinner, I called for room service.

Char Kway Tiao!! No beansprouts!

Don’t understand the purpose of beansprouts. Totally not needed at all.

We shared cos we weren’t too hungry, just mouth-itchy. We even had potato chips before supper. Non-stop eating. Fat die us.

We slept pretty well cos the bed and covers were really comfy. Refused to get out until I had to request for late check out.

We finally dragged ourselves out of bed at the very last hour and packed up for check out.

Very engrossed with his new toy.

Somehow we just blended in with the sofa, curtains and carpet. Lol.

We got home and finally we cut the cake that I got for him.

One and only cake just for him ok!

I didn’t make this mango mousse cake though. I ordered it from my workplace and did the decorations myself. The placing of the fruits, nut and chocolate writings were all done by me. Hee. And the writing wasn’t easy. Had to squeeze the chocolate out. And because while I was writing it, my manager and colleagues were all looking. Super paiseh.

He looked like he’s about the kill (the cake) and that’s Casper behind, obeying us not to steal the cake. Good boy, Casper.

Last but not least,

Happy birthday Baby! Again!


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