Our Crib – Lucky or not?

Having applied for the September 2011 BTO (*gasp* I’m already applying for a flat! Excited!), we waited 2 agonising weeks for the ballot results.

So much went through my mind.

First timers will have better chances right? RIGHT? But we have lesser chances than those who live near their parents, no? What if we don’t get a chance? Then wait til November BTO? But November BTO not nice! Location not good! What if Punggol is too far from my workplace in future? Are the buses/trains accessible? What if we want to shift house next time? Can sell better price? How? When can we get the flat? What’s the first down payment needed to pay? What are the MONTHLY instalments we need to pay? What if we are not earning enough? How long before the completion date? 2016? WHY SO LONG!?!?!?

FML. What a nervous wreck.

The sequence of life is totally screwed up. It’s no longer fall in love > get married > buy house > have kids > happily ever after. Bullshit! It’s no wonder fairytales don’t come true.

Now it’s fall in love > apply house > wait for house > if no house, apply again > get married after getting a house > work more > have kids > work some more > pay bills/house/car/education/whatsnot > retire when you have enough money.

FOLs! And I haven’t even gone into details.

So anyway, we got the ballot results yesterday. I was totally hyped up and all anxious after seeing updates from forum that the results were out. I immediately informed LA to go check out our Q number (if we had) but he was busy so he didn’t see my text. So I waited and waited anxiously. When he finally saw my text, he told me HDB website crashed due to high traffic. And he checked his email.

Yup, we got the notification email.

Q number was 500+ out of 1041.

Lucky? I guess so. At least we were within the 1041 units available when there were 2002 applications. But it was for BOTH Waterway Brooks and Waterway Woodcress. We would prefer Waterway Brooks considering the location.

Conveniently koped this from HDB website.

So now we really need lady luck to help us get a unit of our choice.

We had our struggles before the results. After the application was submitted, LA’s parents thought that we should have applied for 5-room instead of 4-room. Stating reasons like it will sell better and stuff in future. They even offered to make the first payment for us.

Consulted a few property gurus (such as my sister) and was told the demand for 4 and 5-room are somewhat the same now but in future people will demand for smaller flats (increasing costs). So conclusion was: buy 5-room only if we could afford it.

We knew our finances would be tighter if we were to get a 5-room. Besides, I would be the one doing the housework! Clean die me lor! Moreover, our application couldn’t be changed so we stood firm with our choice.

And thankfully we got a good queue number according to my sister. Will have to pray hard that good units will still be left even though we aren’t too fussy about it.

So now my question is, how long more do we wait til we get our turn to select our unit??

PS. This is my 999th post!! Hopefully I have exciting stuff for my 1000th post ya!

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