Wei! Ho bo!?

Wah I cannot imagine I actually forgot about my blog ever since the last post. Last year leh. 2011! It’s more than half way past January. Time passes slowly when comes to work and zooms past before I can blink my eyes on the weekends.

Saw this on twitter:

This is how my week goes.

How freaking true is that? I’m sure everyone who holds a 8 to 5 job on weekdays know exactly how I feel. Weekends are way too short. And public holidays in Singapore are way too little. Only 10 public holidays this year. Ten. Pathetic.

But the fact that salary for this month came in with the AWS, it made my mood better.

And it’s about 5 days to the Chinese New Year! Read: lots of good food. I am serious. Without fail, our tummies will be rubbed satisfactorily after each meal with the family and the weighing scale will inch to the right after the indulgence.

We haven’t exactly done any CNY shopping yet. Only 1 packet of Bak Kwa at home. No decorations, no oranges, no new year cookies etc. I haven’t even done my spring cleaning yet. How now brown cow?

I somehow figured that the house is newly renovated and that it would be extremely clean and neat, spick and span easier to clean up.

Talking about the renovation, I haven’t even sorted out the pictures for the before and after photos of my house. Time, Y U NO enough one!?

To make this post less wordy, I’m gonna post up some mundane photos of my life.

Superdog! I know, super cute!

Christmas tree. Real pine tree. And real presents.

With lights. Pretty right?

Nephew playing with Casper. Absolutely love babies who aren’t afraid of dogs and still loves playing with them. Love babies even more who let me carry them.

Casper’s new fur cut for Christmas but this photo was taken when he was caught licking his paw. He gave the pretend-nothing-happened look. “Yes? Simi daiji?” As usual.

I have always knew that shopping with girlfriends is dangerous.

One day, the girls were doing their nails at Mao’s place with Emily’s new colours. And it stirred their sudden interest to get new nail polishes. And off we went one fine Sunday afternoon. The place was somewhat inaccessible with limited buses and a great distance away from the MRT but we all drove so it wasn’t an issue. 4 young women, 2 hours and $500 poorer. A manicure session at my place concluded the day. The end.

My damages alone was $117. Kill me now. But it was fun 😀

My future house. 🙂


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