Fitflop scam website! Beware!

Considering how skeptical I was regarding the crazy prices for a pair of fitflops, I decided to try my luck to get them online instead.

I almost fell for a scam website and almost paid them for something that I would never receive in my mail.

DO NOT SHOP at buyfitflopsingapore (dot) com!!!

Pui! I was naive to think that $80+ for a pair of fitflops was considerably cheaper than $119 in Singapore. The website was somewhat convincing and reliable. I mean, just look at the number of testimonials and feedback. They all seem so… real! But it just came to me that if you’re really out to cheat people’s money, you can spend time creating fake accounts to leave fake testimonials. Wow.

The thought of googling for reviews on this website didn’t occur to me. #facepalm If not, I would have spared myself this agony.

So anyway, I found this website and contemplated for a few weeks before deciding to go for it.

Apr 3 – I made my order. Paid with my credit card (more on this later).

Not too long later, I received a confirmation email from them stating my transaction order. I thought, yay finally I’m getting a pair of fitflops. Counting down to 7 days before I receive them. Note: their website stated it would take 7 days to reach me. At first I thought they were operating in SG since their prices were in SGD.

But I was wrong. A few minutes apart, I received another email stating my payment.

And why on earth did it change to USD? So I thought, perhaps they ordered the stocks from US therefore the prices were in USD before they converted to SGD.

Apr 10 – I counted down to expecting a parcel or a knock on my door. So I gan chiong, emailed them asking them for assurance.

I got no reply. So the gan chiong-ness in me took over. I went to their website to drop them a message from their Contact Us page. Again, no reply.

Apr 12 – Somehow I got a little worried. I have also received my credit card bills stating a different amount from their confirmation email to me.

From SGD170.84 to SGD184.33. That’s a 10 over bucks difference. I had to question them for the difference in prices. I also emphasized that I emailed them a couple of times but got no reply.

I also noticed that the currency in my bill was in RenMinBi instead, converted to SGD. From 900RMB to SGD184.33.

That was when I started to panic. Why was it from China? Should I pay my bill first? Or should I just wait a few more days?

The day after I got my bill, I googled for reviews for their website.Damn. It’s really a scam! My best friend tells all. Why didn’t I google it earlier? Reading through all the blog/forum reviews, I panicked even more. People were saying they either don’t receive anything or they receive fake goods. I also went to Fitflop facebook page to scan for any alert from other buyers regarding the scam website. Found a couple mentioning it was fake and out to cheat people. I confirmed my suspicion.

I called up my credit card company immediately and explained the issue to them. Was advised to fill up a dispute form and send it back to them. I spent the whole morning at work doing that. And I received a prompt reply from the bank stating they will investigate and told me my card will be replaced with a new one and to ignore my bill payable.

I felt relieved for a moment that the bank was willing to help investigate if the website was a scam.

Apr 17 – A bullshit email came.

Out of stock and it took them 14 days to get back to me?? Seriously? Still ask me reply them ASAP. Wow, they want me to be efficient but they can’t do it on their part. Disgrace.

I replied them immediately.

And then, without surprise, they didn’t reply me until a few days later. Telling me the same bullshit story again.

See the irony. Stock will come after several days and they will send it to me after 2 days? That’s how many more days of waiting? And that was after I told them to cancel my order. I wanted nothing from them.

Since Apr 21 til today, I received nothing from them. Not any fitflops nor emails. I decided to drop an email to them with a slight sarcasm. But I honestly doubt they will get it.

So yup, that’s a scam website for you. Don’t say I never share. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

6 thoughts on “Fitflop scam website! Beware!

  1. same company with different name called “FITFLOPAUSTRALIA” THEY ARE SCAMMERS. do not order anything from them. i lost the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hi there,
    can I just check with you, did the bank return u the money? I have been scammed by a similar website and the merchant is uncontactable. I’m very worried the bank will not return me my money. Care to share what the procedure was like for you?


    1. Hi, sorry to hear that. For my case, as I made payment with my credit card, the bill came at a later date which kinda alerted me about the transaction. I didn’t pay my bill, instead I called up the bank and told them I suspected this merchant is a scammer. Had to submit a form to the bank explaining my case. Eventually, the bill was waived. Perhaps you can call your bank and speak to someone regarding this. And hope that they can waive/refund you after their investigations. Good luck!


  3. Hi i find ur blog very helpful. I currently experiencing the same. Yesterday i shop online and i pad it thru credit card but unfortunately i didnt receive any confirmation from them. As per their site my order status is still unpaid. I emailed them a couple of times but there was no reply. I called my credit card company but they refuse me to cancel the said transaction since as per them the transaction is still for posting. And the merchant should be the one who will cancel the said transaction since it was already approved. I am very worried that the transaction will push tru. Can i have the procedure u did to cancel/ waived the transaction from my card. Hope to hear from u the soonest time. Thank you very much for your time.


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