Cesar Millan live in Singapore!

Caught Cesar Millan live at MBS last Saturday night. I’ve never been so excited about a seminar before. The moment he came on stage, the woos and ahhhs from the full attendance proved Cesar has many supporters. And the moment he urged us to stand up to dance along the music, I got up and did so, just like every other audience. That feeling was great. What he is doing is great – helping dog owners and their dogs. Train people and rehabilitate dogs. Dog Whisperer is sure someone I respect.

He also took time to emphasize on supporting our local shelters. We can’t make everyone support adoption, but at least one by one, we let them know the importance of it and the consequences of breeding.

Apart from that, he taught us the reasons why dogs misbehave and don’t obey. Had a few dogs up on stage to demonstrate his method of rehabilitation. It all takes time and patience to let your dog learn what you want them to do. They are never too old to learn. It’s not the dog, it’s the human.

$150 well spent for his seminar. If he comes again, I’m definitely gonna turn up. 🙂 Thank you, Cesar, for making a difference.

LA has gotten some of his books. I shall borrow them to read during my free time.

* * * * *

I have 2 more weeks til I become officially unemployed.

A short break shall do me good. Get back some sleep and life. The weird working hours have definitely made me lose out a lot of family and personal time. I haven’t had a proper dinner with Mum for the longest time.

Spend some time with Casper boy who’s been badly neglected. Even the weekends aren’t enough to shower him the love. Poor boy.


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