The life of a tai… Oh never mind!

I have been unemployed for about a week now. Absolutely loving it. Sleeping at 3am or later and waking up close to noon rocks! Beauty sleep? Lol doubt so. Poor dark circles seem to get worse instead.

Not exactly living a tai tai life cos I don’t get to go shopping and high tea every now and then. It would be boring to do it alone lol. So I just stay home be kind to my wallet and live simply on bread and butter til I find another job.

On a happier note, 9 days to

Definitely a land of smiles for girls. Shopping is our lives!

This time it’s finally a all-girls trip! Because we figured that guys would be bored to tears by tolerating the hot weather and long shopping hours and carrying of shopping bags. So we spared them, let them stay home to play Diablo 3. LA is glad, I’m sure 😀

The girls and I are getting pretty psyched! Discussing how much to bring, where to go, whether to take cab or bus or tuk tuk, planning our meals etc. I can predict it’s gonna be a shop-til-we-drop-if-not-camwhore-or-eat-die-us trip!

Also, a trip to Perth with LA and his family in September! Can’t wait!!

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